Nuclear Engineering

Jackson VanDenElzen 2nd hour science

Overview of career

You must be able to solve math problems and be able to understand science. You must also know how to work with chemical substances. Work with chemicals and at nuclear plants and work with machines and sometimes could be exposed to radiation.

What do you need to do to succeed?

In high school you have to take algebra 1 and 2 and also geometry. In college you must earn a bachelors degree but most companies prefer people with a masters degree.

Cost of education

Four years the tuition is $128,470.

For six years the cost is $154,164.





Associations/professional organizations in career

1. American Nuclear Society (

2. American Society for Engineering Education (

Pros and Cons


High salary

Good job growth

Specific training in field


Longer education than normal

Could be exposed to radiation

Job Advertisement

Nuclear Engineer

Always working with chemicals and nuclear objects

Work inside but also outside

Must get Bachelors Degree

Salary: $104,630