Science Club


Science Club with Mrs. Dux

Children are natural learners who will want to constantly explore the world. Mrs. Dux creates an environment that encourages exploration, curiosity and “freedom within limits.” Students will start class with a hands on science activity. After our lab activity time, students may have time to explore the science lab and all it has to offer. Our science lab is home to our many exotic animals, so students can spend their time caring for our reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. The science lab is also complete with a wide variety of science orientated reading material. If animals or books do not appeal to the child on any given day, the lab is also equipped with stem based activities, such as, erecting models, constructing with Legos, creating roller coasters, building snap circuits, just to name a few. No classroom in complete with out brain games, so the science lab is also home to life size jenga, checkers, tic tac toe, and brain buster card sets. Although most days are spent inside the science lab, some days, students spend time in our very own organic greenhouse. Students gain experience and knowledge of horticulture, and see first hand the dynamics of our ecosystem.

Center of Gravity

Monday, March 21st, 9pm

20350 Northeast 26th Avenue

Miami, FL

Students used the principles of center of gravity by constructing an object that could balance on one finger.

Optical Illustion

Monday, April 4th, 9pm

20350 Northeast 26th Avenue

Miami, FL

Students learned that are eye sight has limitations. Students made an optical illusion using paper, colored markers, and string.