Hiroshima, The Ups and Downs.

By: Cody Maupin & Cylus Alexander

Glass half full?

The If the Bomb Had Not Been Used Article describes how even the Japanese believed that the bomb was a good idea. "We would have kept on fighting until all Japanese were killed, but we would not have been defeated,"(Japanese Army Officer). This quote shows how the Japanese would have not been disgraced to surrender. The Japanese Officer who was interrogated to find out this information admitted that the Japanese military forces would not have been able to stop the U.S military forces. Even though that this is said that still doesn't mean the U.S troops would not have died in this act of war. Therefore the bomb was a good idea.

During the On board the Enola Gay the pilot that dropped the bomb believed that the bomb the answer to the war. " I viewed my mission as one to save lives" (General Tibbets). This quote supports how the bomb should have been dropped. As a Military officer General Tibbets had a good point. If we would've gone to war with the Japanese The Japanese could've lost many troops in our victory. Overall even though the bomb killed many people it also saved many.

Was The Decision The smartest? The Aftermath

The Death Toll

Dropping the bomb seemed as if it was a good idea to end the war against Japan. The bomb had been tested before the actual drop but not on living beings. When it was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 it was a devastating weapon, being more powerful than anticipated. The bomb killed 80,000 the day it was dropped and more in the days to follow due to radiation poisoning and fatal injuries. The deaths that were caused by the bomb total up to be approximately 146,000 people. Take in mind half of the people who died, first suffered from the “...atomic bomb [that] had deposited some sort of poison on Hiroshima which would give off deadly emissions (radiation) for years…” (Hersey 72). The war needed to be ended, but thousands of innocent lives were taken that could have been saved.

The pain from the bomb was unimaginable. The symptoms that came after the drop was unexpected and unprepared for. Had the bomb been tested more thoroughly perhaps it could have showed the results of what was to come. We could have prevented the torture that took people's lives after the pain of the radiation. The radiation was predicted but no one really knew the effects because no one had done anything like the atomic bomb. The radiation caused “...a great number [of people] to sit and lay on the pavement, vomiting, waiting for death and dieing.” (Hersey 35). The bomb wasn't the everyday bomb to be dropped. It did more than just kill, it tortured people to death.