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The School Pantry at PVE

Don't miss our March pantry event. Tuesday March 29th from 3-6! (please RSVP by March 18th). If you need a form click below.

This year our school will be participating with the Maryland Food Bank to provide a school-based food pantry. We are encouraging all PVES families to consider taking advantage of this community offer.

Each month every participating family will receive approximately 30 lbs. of food items, including fresh produce and non-perishable items. This non-income based program is available to any and all families at PVES!


  1. RSVP to our school by March 18th by completing the form below.

  2. Come to school for pick up on Tuesday 3/29 between 3-6.

Click here for a copy of the interest form!

Would you like to learn more about the standards based report cards?

As part of the shift to the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards, WCPS elementary schools introduced a standards-based report card in 2013-2014.

The purpose of the new reporting system was to provide parents and students with more accurate information about students' progress toward meeting the specific content standards for the various subjects taught at each grade level and to help parents understand what their children should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level. Click

Student Absences & Tardies

In order for any absence or tardy to be excused, we need a written and signed note. Phone calls, e-mails and/or signing in/out of class system do not count towards excusing absences.

Start Time

Parents, please remember students should be dropped off at school no earlier than 7:20 and no later than 7:35. The expectation is that they are in their room ready to learn by 7:40. If you are bringing your child to school any time after 7:40, you will need to come inside with your drivers license to sign them in. Thank you in advance.


PARCC testing begins at PVES on April 4th.



April 4th



April 7th



April 11th



April 14th

Lego Challenge Wall ~ Donations Needed!

This spring we are going to work on our lego challenge wall! This exciting board will be built by a local eagle scout. Once the backdrop is complete, we will set it up to be used in the building. There will be different challenges each month for the students to complete. We are in need of legos for our lego wall. If you have any extra legos laying around, please consider sending these our way. We are simply storing them in bins, so they don't need to be organized. We are only using regular sized legos (no duplo blocks). Thank you so much for supporting our STEM ideas!
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Rubik's Cube Competition

Our Rubik's Cube team from the logic club will be competing on April 2nd in Baltimore. If you see members from this team, please wish them luck! This team will have to solve 25 rubik's cubes as fast as possible!

Destination Imagination

Ms. Brown has done an amazing job with our Destination Imagination team. They will be competing this Saturday at 10:30 at South Hagerstown High School. If you see a member of the team, please wish them luck!


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Reminder: Schools will be closed for students from March 21st - March 28th!

Join us at our next PTA meeting! Wednesday, March 16th from 6:00 - 7:00 in the media center.

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Registration Begins!


Monday, March 14th, 12am


All Elementary Schools, Hagerstown, MD


The first day to begin registering Kindergartners is March 14th. Remaining days include...April 25, May 16, and June 13th. Please help by communicating this to your school families.

Pre-K registration begins in March. New applications will be sent to each elementary school, and an updated application will be available on the web-site.