Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

How to survive a zombie apocalypse :D.

The Coastal Plains

The coastal Plains stretches across the Atlantic Ocean and borders the Gulf of mexico. the coastal plains contain wide lowlands, excellent harbor, and long sandy beaches. I think the Coastal Plains are good because the wide lowlands are very safe to hide and camp out and stay alive. the sandy beaches are also helpful because, its a flat place to hide and stay safe like the wide lowlands. Harbors would be okay but I wouldn't do it.
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The Appalachian Highlands

The Appalachian Highlands extends from the eastern Canada to western Alabama. And Includes the Piedmont.And Old eroded mountains in north America. Pedmont: the plateau are at the foot of the appalachian mountains. I think this is a good place because there is protection and I can hide behind the trees.
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Great plains

Flat land.Know for dry grassland.Common area for tornados. It is a good place because you can protect yourself from the zombies and can build a house.
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