Union of the Comoros

Culture of Union of the Comoros


The Nations population is of about 652,000 and is growing at 2.9% anualy. Their Religions are Sunni Muslims, Islamic, and Comorians. They dress well in public men wear western style shirts and slacks. Women wear western style dresses with colorful patterns.

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Greetings the men shake hands at every opportunity. Women meet female friends with a kiss. They make informal visits to close friends. They eat cold leftovers of anything for breakfast with some Tea.
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Life styles

most people live with or near extended family. They do not date in the western sense. They mostly eat imported rice topped by fish or meat sauce. Soccer is the most popular sport in all of their towns. Men are incontrole of the family finances.
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The nation's president is the head of the state and head of the government. Their called the prefume islands because they are the worlds leading seller of prefume. They have few roads. Every village has an elementary school. Malaria is a great health problem in Comoros.
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