The New Generation

The inside scoop on the ceremony of 12

Big plans

Recently, the ceremony of 12 was hosted and a new working class generation arose. 11's have officially become 12's and can now start their life jobs. Children 1-50 got up on stage with the beloved top elder and received their future. From now on, they are no longer children but grown adults on the way to success. They start their training the day after the ceremony and can soon begin work just as their parents. On this very important day, the chief elder can break one rule, honoring differences. She honored all of the children's differences and thanked them for their childhood. They will no longer do minor tasks such as volunteer hours or playing after school, they shall take responsibility and work and corporate with the community; to continue our Utopia.

Imporatant highlights

This years ceremony of 12 was one of the most eventful years since 10 years ago. This year, we have selected a wonderful boy named Jonas to be the Receiver of Memory. This selection is vary rare and comes once every 10 years. We had a one on one conversation with the Chief elder and she said that Jonas had everything that they look for in a receiver: intelligence, integrity, courage, and strength. He will begin his training after the ceremony as well as all the others. Also, the well known Asher and his friend Fiona have also received important jobs. Fiona is now the caretaker of the old and Asher is the director of recreation. In other words, this year has been very successful and we all hope that they will serve our community well.