One Direction and their wax models will be at the centaur!

On the 31st of january 2014 One Direction will be live at the centaur with their wax models. There will be a competition to see if you cn tell which one is the wax model and which one is the human you will not be allowed to touch them as it will give it away. The people who guess right will be put into a prize draw and one direction will pull three lucky winners names out of a hat. They and ONE directioner friend will be able to go on holiday with one direction for a week in australia you have to be 12 or over to go without your parent! You will go to the biggest swimming pool in Australia, you will visit Ayres rock, you wioll go to the zoo and much much more!
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Wax models at the centaur

Friday, Jan. 31st, 7-11:45pm

The Centaur, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire