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Homeowners may notice piles of shed wings in windowsills.

Mosquitoes are Much More Than a Nuisance

Mosquitoes can ruin an afternoon outdoors quicker than any other insect. While bees or wasps may sting someone and interrupt the day, it's rare that they attack groups of people unless they feel threatened. Mosquitoes, in contrast, will feast on any person they find. While it is true that some people get bitten more than others, nobody is protected. Sadly, these pests can transmit diseases, so a person must be vigilant and take Pest Control Kennesaw steps to prevent these bugs from gathering in their yard. A Pest Control Kennesaw specialist can be of great help in achieving this goal.

Where Mosquitoes Live and Breed

Did you know there are more than 3,000 types of mosquitoes in the world and they transmit more diseases than any other pest? One reason they are so prevalent today is they are able to breed in any standing water. A person may not think anything of the bird bath they have in the front yard to attract feathered friends, but mosquitoes see it as an open invitation to increase the size of their family. Tall grass, brush, and weeds are other areas where these pests can often be found, which is why removing these obstacles and any standing water can be of great help in reducing their population.

The Risks Associated with Mosquitoes

The mosquito is considered the top threat to public health in the world today. Millions of people die every year after being bitten by this insect, according to National Geographic. Sadly, many of the deceased are children or the elderly who are more at risk of complications from a mosquito bite. Malaria and encephalitis are only two of the diseases a human may contract after a bite and there are numerous others. Simply because these conditions aren't frequently seen in the country doesn't mean a person should neglect Pest Control Atlanta efforts. One can never know which mosquitoes carry illness and which do not.

If you are having a problem with mosquitoes in and around your home or you find you are in need of Termite Control Atlanta or help with any other pest, contact a pest control provider immediately. While mosquitoes may appear to be nothing more than a nuisance, they need to be eradicated immediately. Humans must protect their health at all costs, and eliminating unwanted guests from in and around the home is one step in doing so. Call for pest control today so you can enjoy your home and yard again without worry.