AVID Sophia Perez January 13, 2015

Join AVID ! AVID Will Help You!

Come On Join AVID!

  1. How will AVID help?
  2. Can AVID change bad habits?
  3. Will AVID help in the future?

AVID Strategies

AVID will help you take notes their strategy is "Cornell Notes"

AVID has a strategy to help you take notes. They are organized. They are neat. That is one way AVID helps.

AVID will help you with public speaking

AVID also has helped with public speaking. If you are shy to speak in front of a lot of people, AVID helps get rid of that. That is another thing AVID helps with.

AVID has tutoring

AVID has tutoring. If you have any questions, ask the tutors. If you need help, ask the tutors. That is also another thing.

Coach Johnson , Coach Shaw

AVID Has Changed Me By.........

  • Helping with tutoring
  • Taking notes
  • Public speaking
  • Being organized

AVID Will Change Things !