Senior Information Guide- 2023

Preparing for your senior year

Class of '23, Are you ready?

Class of 2023, Welcome to your senior year!

This year will be busy and filled with challenges and excitement for your future. Your SBHS Counseling Department, and the College & Career Center, are here to assist you in your journey.

Some of you are planning to attend a 4-year college directly after your senior year, while some of you are making different plans. Community colleges offer an affordable route that can transfer to a 4-year college. Community colleges also offer many opportunities to earn an Associate’s degree or a certificate program. Certificates can help you earn a living wage job, some in a very short amount of time.

You may be interested in trades, from culinary to construction and more. With some training and apprenticeships, these can lead to great careers. Take the time to learn about the steps you can take while in high school to help expedite your pathway.

The military may be a good fit for some. There are options to serve either full-time or part-time. Branches offer career skills and a way to pay for college while serving your country.

This Senior Information Guide has been designed to provide you with critical information. Please contact your counselor or the College & Career Center for help.

Let’s make your senior year a fun and productive one.

Career Exploration Helps you Be Ready for the Next Step

The only way to be sure about what you want to do next is to explore careers that interest you. Hopefully, by the time you are a senior, you have done some of that at a career fair, gone on a career tour (virtually or in-person), or you have talked with people in the career field of your choice. The College & Career Center offers Career Exploration Events all year long. Join our REMIND text messaging app to learn about upcoming events. On your phone, text to 81010 with the following code for your class: @aedcbk

Where to go to Explore Colleges and Careers

CollegeBoard's Big Future Type in your preferences and find schools to match.

Schoolinks Research schools and careers that interest you. (Use your SBHS gmail and ID# to log in.)

More Schoolinks tools to explore:

College Search using Schoolinks

Career Exploration using Schoolinks

Schoolinks Learning Tasks

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Trying to Decide if a 2-year or 4-year path is best for you?

There are a variety of factors that play a role when prospective students are deciding what type of education is the best for them and their career goals. These factors include location, campus size, cost, social experiences, diversity, and opportunities.

We suggest that you visit college campuses to help you decide. Try to visit a large public university, like Oregon State University, and visit a smaller private university, like Linfield or George Fox. Then visit a community college. We are lucky to have three that are close to Barlow students; Mt Hood Community College, Portland Community College, and Clackamas Community College. All three offer Associate Degree Programs and transfer degrees, but they each offer a unique variety of certificate programs. Take a look online to see the variety of programs available at MHCC, PCC, CCC.

Planning to go to college for any length of time? (4-year, 2-year, certificate program)

First, do the FAFSA!

Everyone should do the FAFSA or ORSAA!. There may be free funds for you. Don't walk away from that opportunity.

FAFSA-What is it? How and when do I apply?

The FAFSA is your primary way to get help paying for college. It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This summer is a great time for you and your family to get started on your FAFSA process. The FAFSA doesn’t actually open for you until Oct. 1, 2022, but you can do a few steps before then.

Create a FSA ID for the student AND a parent.

Create my FSA ID.

On Oct. 1, start your FAFSA.


You will need your 2021 tax information to do the application. You will be submitting the 2023-24 FAFSA (college freshman year)

If you are a non-citizen, you will submit the ORSAA for state funded financial aid.


Be aware, the FAFSA is taking on a whole new look and process with the Class of 2023. There may be some changes of links that occur between now and October.


We have two lists to help with your search for scholarships to lighten the financial load of college tuition. We have a local scholarship list that consists of Oregon scholarships and some that are only available to SBHS students. Check this list first as you may have a better chance of obtaining one of these scholarships. We also have our large comprehensive scholarship list that is organized by deadline. Please realize that the details for each scholarship change frequently and it is somewhat difficult to keep these details current.

Please check the scholarship website to confirm dates and details.

Other Scholarship Resources:

Going Merry-Scholarship Search Engine

Oregon Goes to College-College Planning Website & Scholarship List

OSAC Scholarship List-This list is visible now but the application opens Nov. 1

Big picture

Preparing your Activities Chart

You will need to prepare an Activities Chart in order to request letters of recommendation, apply to colleges and scholarships. Here are some samples of Activities Chart. Sample #2

Read more about activities charts at

Remember to keep yours updated and ready to go throughout the year.

Prepare for Skilled Trades

Trades is a term for skilled labor that applies to a variety of careers. For example, a barber or hairstylist works in a trade for which they trained. You can study for a trade at a college, a private school-specific to trade, or become an apprentice to gain the skills, knowledge, and certifications in a certain trade.

Please check out to listen to advice from those who have experience in a variety of careers. Another great resource is the video on our website, Career Exploration- The Trades to get tips that will help you apply for an apprenticeship in construction trades.

The College & Career Center can help you learn where you can receive training for the career you are interested in. Please stop by to learn more.

Military Opportunities

Serving in the military is much more complex than you may think! The military is a great path toward career skills, and even college, for those who feel this is a good option for their next steps. Please watch Career Exploration- Career Skills and College Through the Military on our website to see what options you have.

The College & Career Center can answer questions and help with connection to a recruiter. We will have Military Visits and Events, with all branches of the military, throughout the year to meet and discuss your plans.

Take the ASVAB- Career Testing and Search Tool

SBHS is offering 2 opportunities to take the ASVAB Career Planning Test. The test is an “option 8,“ which means your scores are kept private. This is a fantastic opportunity to determine which career is a good fit for you. It tests your knowledge, and combines with your interests, to point you in a direction for a career choice. The ASVAB also provides a search tool for college, training, and jobs available for 5-6 years after the test. This is the most comprehensive career tool we have, and it can be used for all students, not just those interested in the military. To take the ASVAB, sign up here for October 12th, 9:00 am or here for February 9th, 11:30 am.

Direct to Work Options

If you need to go directly to work, there are a few things that will help you to prepare. First, watch the series, Job Genius. This series is packed full of good advice. It is produced by Express Employment Professionals. There is a Gresham location that can help you find employment. Also, you can take the College & Career Center's Job Skill Training to gain employability skills and a letter of recommendation to use when applying for positions. You can also find a Jobs Listing here for local employment. Finally, a good resume is always a plus. Check out Resume Genius for a simple way to create an effective, well-prepared resume.

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