Bronco Chronicles

Volume 20, Week 1/30-2/3

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood Sunday morning #BroncoStrong faculty and staff. The twenty-second week of school was busy yet totally cool! This past week Christian R. won the principal book challenge and will soon be principal for the day! In addition, there are still students reading the book and one young lady, Lexi M, talked to me about the book on Friday expressing how much she was enjoying reading The Graveyard Book! Please don't forget to send me a current picture and a JH picture of yourself along with a picture of your favorite book as a kid and a blurb that explains why it was your favorite book if you haven't done so already. Those of you who have sent your stuff in, thank so much!

In the upcoming week we will begin our first round of interventions and Friday Club Time! All details will be discussed at our faculty meeting on Tuesday. I am sure we will have some highs and lows, some successes and failures during this process, but let's work together to make this an endeavor that meets the academic and social/ emotional needs of our students.

I hope you had an eventful weekend, now let's make the upcoming week count! Don't forget to stay #BroncoStrong!

Genius Hour is Coming!

On February 15, 2017 we will begin Genius Hour! On February 10th, students not involved in interventions will participate in our "new" Friday Club Time!
Bronco Genius Hour
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Genius Hour - Kids Speak Out

What is Genius Hour

Upcoming Events

1. 2/6, BB Girls take on Tolar starting at 5:30 pm

2. 2/6, BB Boys travel to start at 5:00 pm

3. 2/7, Faculty Meeting in Room 1 @3:50 pm

4. 2/8, DEIC (District Education Improvement Committee) Meeting at 4pm

5. 2/8, Parents and students decorate for the Valentine Dance 4-6:45pm

6. 2/9, Faculty and Staff decorate for the Valentine Dance 4-6pm

7. 2/9, Heart Healthy Night from 6-8pm at the BISD Athletic Center

8. 2/10, BJH Valentine Dance 6:30-9pm

9. TELPAS writing samples will start being collected on Feb. 13th

To Do List

1. 7th Writing, 8th Reading and Math intervention session must be ready for 2/10.

2. MOY (Middle of Year) Accommodation google forms must be complete by 2/17. Robyn sent you an email about this on 1/30


The JH photo was of Mr. B.....great job Mrs. Warren. She claimed Girl Scout cookies as her prize.

Who is this junior high sweetheart??

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