Welcome to the NGC

Freshman Scheduling Edition

Welcome Class of 2025!

Welcome to the NGC! We are excited to welcome you to the Ninth Grade Community at Milford High School! We have an outstanding staff who will welcome you to the Ninth Grade Community in the fall! The office staff of the Ninth Grade Community includes:

Stacy Smith- Associate Principal Ninth Grade Community smith_stacy@milfordschools.org

Kaitlyn Richter- Counselor Ninth Grade Community richter_k@milfordschools.org

Jeff Zidron- Student Support Advisor zidron_j@milfordschools.org

Paula Harvey-Administrative Assistant harvey_p@milfordschools.org

We will help your child navigate the transition from the junior high to the high school as they learn new subjects, make new friends, and choose from a variety of sports and activities to be involved in!

Welcome to NGC Scheduling Class of 2025

NGC Introduction

NGC Introduction video

This video was shared with all 8th grade students during ACE to provide an overview of the Ninth Grade Community!

Introduction to the NGC Presentation

Scheduling for Freshman Year

IN-PERSON Students: Ninth Grade Scheduling Video

EAGLE ONLINE Students: Ninth Grade Scheduling Video

This video was shared with all 8th grade students during ACE. This video will help you and your student complete the scheduling worksheet used to create their freshman schedule! Please watch this video to make sure you completed the worksheet correctly! Eagle Online students can pick up a copy of the scheduling worksheet from the MJHS office or print your own copy.

Scheduling Worksheet

NGC Scheduling Presentation

NGC Schedule Assistance February 17, 2021 3:15-6:00

If you have scheduling questions or need to talk with Mrs. Richter, contact her via email or phone: richter_k@milfordschools.org 513-576-2281.

If you require a video call with her during conferences on February 17, 2021,

here is the link to sign up for an appointment.

You will enter the waiting room in Zoom for your scheduling meeting. If Miss Richter finishes early with an appointment, she will continue with the next in line for scheduling questions. Please note she will honor your appointment time regardless.

Link for all Zoom Video appointments

Meeting ID: 952 0786 0195

Passcode: zQzna6

Importance of Team Study Hall

The team study hall is vital to the concept of the Ninth Grade Community! We recommend all students sign up for team study hall on the scheduling sheet for both semesters to receive the maximum amount of time with teachers! Team study hall occurs around lunch time and is the time of day where students can check in with teachers, receive academic support, utilize time to complete all assignments, and receive peer support.

Sample Freshman Scheduling Worksheet

Big picture

Scheduling Process

1. Week of February 8: Students will watch the NGC introduction video and Freshman year scheduling video during this week.

2. Students will bring home the scheduling worksheet for you to help them complete.

3. February 17, 2021: Miss Richter is available for scheduling questions via ZOOM from 3:15-6:00! (Also available via phone and email from Feb. 10-19)

4. February 19, 2021:

  • IN-PERSON Students: Due date for students to turn in the scheduling worksheet to their Social Studies teacher.
  • EAGLE ONLINE Students: Return a paper copy to MJHS counselor or email a copy to Miss Richter at richter_k@milfordschools.org

5. February 19-February 27, 2021 MJHS teachers will review placements and contact parents for any change recommendations

6. Week of March 1: Miss Richter/Mrs. Smith will meet with all 8th graders and enter their schedules into the scheduling system based on their worksheet.

7. April/May: Student schedules are matched based on availability of courses and checked to ensure each student has a full schedule with 14 points to fill all 7 bells of the school day.

8. August 2021: Schedules will be available in Progressbook and available for pick during Schedule Pick Up days in August usually the week before school begins.

Elective Courses

Incoming freshman have the opportunity to take a variety of elective classes their freshman year. Some electives are year long and some only last for one semester. Electives you can choose from are:

  • Science classes
  • Social Studies classes
  • Creative Writing
  • Publications (Yearbook)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes

Milford High School Course Selection

Where to find information...

The NGC office will send a newsletter to parent and student email accounts each Friday during the school year. You can check the NGC Webpage and NGC Updates slide presentation for up to date information throughout the year!

Ninth Grade Community

NGC Principal: Stacy Smith smith_stacy@milfordschools.org

NGC Student Support Advisor: Jeff Zidron zidron_j@milfordschools.org

NGC School Counselor: Kaitlyn Richter richter_k@milfordschools.org

NGC Administrative Assistant: Paula Harvey harvey_p@milfordschools.org