Miss Heckathorne's Classroom News

Starside Elementary

Specials Schedule

1/13 T Music/PE

1/14 C Library

1/15 O - Art

1/16 M - Music/PE

1/17 E - Computer

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 14 - Room Parent Meeting @ 6:00

Wednesday, January 15 - Math Topic 7 Test

Friday, January 17 - Spelling Bee at 2:00 in the Gymnasium

Friends and family are welcome to come and watch the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade spelling bee. Good luck Samantha, and Brady!

Sunday, January 19 - Skate City Party 4:30-6:30

Monday, January 20 - NO SCHOOL

What We Are Learning


Math: We are currently studying Topic 7: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers. We will review this topic tomorrow and take our Topic 7 Test on Wednesday.

Then, we will begin Topic 8: Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers. Our objectives are:

  • using arrays to multiply 2 digit numbers
  • using the expanded algorithm to multiply
  • multiplying by multiples of 10

Reading: For the next couple of weeks the students will be reading and analyzing Greek Mythology as we focus on theme. The students will determine the theme of each story, drama, or poem using details from the text, and will also be able to summarize their reading. We will also complete a character analysis for each myth, as we identify character traits and support with evidence from the text.

Writing: This week the students are continuing their Famous Kansan Project in Writing. During this time the students will learn about and study famous Kansans. They have each selected one Kansan to further research. This week the students will focus on researching, completing pre-writing graphic organizers and writing a rough draft. The project will conclude with a “Wax Museum” in which the students will dress as their Kansan and give an oral presentation to other students, teachers, and parents on January 29th (tentatively scheduled). More information will be coming home about this neat project in the following weeks. Mrs. DeHoff in the library and Mrs. Sherman in the computer lab will be collaborating to help the students research, and complete a bibliography, as the students have learned about plagiarism and are working hard to conduct research properly.

Science: This week we are still studying structure and function of plants and animals. Our guiding question is: How are plants, animals, and society structured for survival? This past week the students completed a plant parts foldable, dissected a flower and labeled the functions, and also observed the power of a stem through celery and red food coloring. This upcoming week will continue to include many hands-on projects, along with videos and non-fiction reading.


This is our spelling routine:

Monday: Orally Read and Spell, Copy and Spell, Cover and Spell, Uncover and Check

Tuesday: Word Meaning and Spelling Dictation

Wednesday: Word Study Activities (syllables, missing letters, etc.)

Thursday: Edit for Spelling Activities

Friday: Spelling Test (Includes sentences that the students must write using the words)

Please help your child practice their spelling words each week. For now, you can still use spellingcity.com but you'll just need to manually enter the words. Thank you.

This Week's List:



















Some students have a modified list of 10 words, while others have been moved to a challenge list. That list can be found at spellingcity.com. Click "Find a List" and search by username for Starside4. The students know which list they are on.

Scholastic Book Order for January

Book orders for January are due next week! You can return the order and money to school, or order online using our class code: L7Z7W.


Our Mission:

Through a collaborative learning community we will build a foundation upon which all students can develop essential academic and life skills.

Our Vision:

Starside will be a Learning Community (staff students, parents, and community members) that collaborates to:

· Provide a safe, positive environment that promotes academic growth, good character, and values diversity.

· Implement researched-based strategies to ensure students achieve academic skill

· Maximize learning time to focus on essential skills

· Monitor student growth based on high expectations