Helena's Love

By Sam Welch

Helena feels sad or unwanted throughout the play, and the first songs show this feeling with the lyrics and tones. This playlist shows that love can be painful, and rewarding in the end. Helena is lovesick, and desperately in love with Demetrius.
Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough (Video)

Helena is not pretty enough

When Helena is first introduced into A Midsummer's Night Dream, her first line is "Call you me fair? That fair again unsay" (Act 1 Scene 1 line 181). Like the song, "Not Pretty Enough", Helena does not feel she is pretty. Helena would listen to this song for the beginning of the play. In the song, the artist asks "Am I not pretty enough?" and Helena Feels the same way.
Nobody Likes Me. I guess I'll go eat worms.

How Helena Feels

Helena is full of dislike for herself because Demetrius like Hermia. This song starts to show her role as a victim. Demetrius pushes Helena aside, and that is when she would listen this song. This song literally says "nobody likes me", and that is how Helena feels.
I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (Lyrics)

Hermia's hates for Demetrius makes him love her more

Helena would do anything for Demetrius and does not understand why Demetrius ignores her smiles but falls for Hermia's frowns. Hermia hates Demetrius and loves Lysander. Helena would listen to this song for most of the relationship, but mostly when Demetrius loves Hermia. The song says "I hate everything about you, but why do I love you?", and Helena feels the same way about Demetrius.
Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Helena's Feelings

Helena would do anything for Demetrius but he doesn't care. This song talks about how the guy singing would for do anything for love and it would be listened to by Helena as she thinks about Demetrius. The artist says "I would go through all this pain, but you won't do the same", and Helena was the same.
Nick Jonas - Jealous

Jealous Helena

The lyrics of "Jealous" by Nick Jonas say "I don't like the way he's looking at you." Similarly, Helena is jealous of Hermia, and wants to be like Hermia because Demetrius loves Hermia. This song would be listened to by Helena until Demetrius loves her and not Hermia
Mary Lambert - Secrets (Official)

Helena is full of self pity

Helena is always a victim. In this song, the singer is listing all her problems. Similarly, Helena only focuses on her problems, and is full of self pity. Helena compares her sadness to the happiness of Hermia and Lysander. Helena would listen to this song until Demetrius stops loving Hermia. The lyrics say things about the artist's problems, similarly to what Helena does.
Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Helena will not give up on Demetrius. She is like a stalker and wants him to "stay with me" even when he is clear he can't love her. Helena would listen to this song when he ignores her when she is talking to him.
Carl Smith - Are You Teasing Me (Karaoke)

Stop Mocking Me!

Helena believes Demetrius and Lysander are mocking her. Why else would they suddenly declare their love for her. This song by Carl Smith questions "Are you Teasing Me?" This song would be listened to when Helena is being loved by both Demetrius and Lysander.
Sheriff Callie - Saying I'm Sorry - Song

Helena is "sorry"

Helena tells Hermia "not to be so bitter with me. I evermore did love you" (3.2.314-315).

She is sorry for telling Demetrius about Hermia's escape and just wants to go back to Athens. This would be listened to after she is mad at Hermia.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One

Helena Feels like Everyone Hates Her

Helena says "And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye" (3.2.435). Like Sam Smith's song, "I'm not the only one," She feels like everyone hates her and just wants to go to sleep and get the night over. This song would be listened to by Helena after she was hated by everyone.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Helena Is HAPPY

Helena is "happyyyyyyy" because she got Demetrius! She compares him to a "jewel." Helena listens to this song when Demetrius begins to love her, and not Hermia.