The life of football players

The first step, first step you have to start playing young.

Have you ever got a 50 yard touchdown? I'm wasting my energy, but i'm wasting my energy for my team. Would you waste your energy with your team or don't waste your energy. I would do the first one instead. This is teamwork and I like teamwork better.

It's not easy always getting hit. That hurts really bad.

Getting hit over and over again hurts. You become sore and it really really hurts. My opinion is never play football outside with your friends during football season. If you get hurt you might have to sit out. It will be sad you will be watching from the sidelines.

Day to Day Life as a football player. It's not easy being a football player. You have to run energize your body for the next day.

A day in the life of a football player is if you get home then you go to sleep, wake up, eat, you go to practice, maybe a game if you have one that day, then when that is over you leave and go do whatever or travel what ever the team does.Then you keep travailing whatever your team is doing and if your going somewhere then go home and enjoy your life.

Professionals in the field. This is people you know that is doing that stuff that you want.

I know my coach mark he played football on the knockers since he was little. Then he went to high school. I don't know if he went to college. Then after that he became a coach. Then he taught me a little bit.

The last step. This is what you have to do to win.

Well I loved my team this year even though we lost a lot we sucked but we are a team. We didn't even score. That's because we didn't do our jobs. If we did we would of won. My coach was always mad because nobody did their job.