Kindergarten Library Newsletter

Friday, September 19

Count the Monkeys!

Oh did we have fun in the library this week! Kindergarteners and I laughed and enjoyed Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett together. We got through that whole book and didn't see one monkey! It was a wild adventure.

This book is a great example of how much fun reading can be! The kids are challenged at the beginning to count the monkeys and quickly discover they have all been scared away by a king cobra! Once the king cobra is gone there are more animals and people to content with. Readers have to zig zag and hum happy tunes and NOT look wolves in the eye as they turn the pages and narrowly escape one creature after another.

We have a poster hanging in the library now from the last page so kids can be sure to try and count all the monkeys. During library time, once books have been checked out the students have the opportunity to work with different centers around the library. We have a floor puzzle put out, a train table, a table for writing or drawing, white erase boards and blocks or pattern blocks. It has been so wonderful to watch the children create and explore in the library!

Kindergarten is really doing a great job using the library and returning books on Mondays. Keep up the great work!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to volunteer in the library.


Jenny Brenner

Mac Barnett Reading COUNT THE MONKEYS