Team One Newsletter

Week of 9/23-9/27

Jeff Bromley - Social Studies

Happy Sunday!! We all are looking forward to the week, and this is what we will be doing:

Monday 9/23- Review Mesopotamia, take quiz

Tuesday 9/24- Introduce Hammurabi Law

Wednesday 9/25- Code of Hammurabi DBQ

Thursday 9/26- Code of Hammurabi DBQ

Friday 9/27- Code of Hammurabi DBQ

Emilia Walsh - Science

This week we will:
  • Begin ESS 2-5: Weather
  • Learn about the different types of fronts
  • Assess Weather on Thursday

Last week we:

  • Wrapped up ESS 2-6: Climate

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

This week we will...

Monday 9/23: Review Claims, take a quiz

Tuesday 9/24: Write a Summary for Story 2 & 3 from Steve Jobs Speech

Wednesday 9/25: Continue working on summaries from Steve Jobs Speech

Thursday 9/25: Make Inference/ Claim on Character Trait for Steve Jobs

Friday 9/26: Library/ Continue Character Traits for Steve Jobs

Last week we...

Reviewed the rules for capitalization and took a quiz. Learned how to make a claim and began writing summaries for Story 1 in Steve Jobs Speech.

Allison Watts - Math

We have started our Module 1 of math which is Ratios! We will take notes in class, and occasionally have homework depending on how much we get done in class.

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Lesson 16/17 notes

Lesson 16/17 Homework


Lesson 18 notes

Lesson 18 homework


Lesson 19



Lesson 19

Lesson 19 homework


Lesson 21/22


Meri Miller-Kahle - Special Services

La informaccion de Smore que usted recibe se puede traducir usando el buton el la parte inferior de la pantalla . A contunuacion se muestra un imagen de la opcion de pagina de traduccion.
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