Protecting Our Forests

Save Our Trees Today!

How to reduce your ecological footprint

  • don't cut down trees
  • build less factories
  • grow more trees
  • use what you need
  • use and buy less products so trees don't need to be cut down
  • reuse an item so we can save our natural resources
  • recycle paper


In our environment we need our forests/trees! The forests/trees benefit our environment because it produces oxygen which help us breath, cleans the air,helps make some medicines.

What happens if we dont take care of our forests

If we don't take care of our forests and follow these steps many bad things can occur.

  • we wont have enough trees to get rid of co2
  • thousands of species will lose a home
  • paper products will cost more due to less trees being available to cut down
  • in the spring and summer it will be hotter than usual because to trees rent there to get rid of co2 and produce shade.