A Message from Lady Intervous

(coupon code included)

Congratulations on being an early adopter! (or interopter as we like to say)

In recognition of your oh-so-awesome status, we are giving you and 999 other interopters a coupon code for one month of free upgraded service so that you get to experience all that Intervous has to offer.

Of course, you don't need to be an interopter to enjoy using Intervous (since most of the features are available for free after all) but it does offer that little kick that turns a great experience into an interbulous one (now we're just getting carried away)

So.. what is Intervous? You ask. It is the future. It is everything and nothing at the same time. But seriously, have you ever passed a bunch of people on the street and they all seemed to know about this life-changing event that you totally would have gone to had you known about it sooner? We have, and Intervous is our answer to how to never again be left out of the loop.

Don't know any specific oh so cool #hashtags? We've got you covered. Feeds overloaded with things you aren't remotely interested in? We feel your pain. Intervous is new friend making and event finding simplified and sufficiently stimulated. Keep checking back to see how close we are to launch and take a look at our facebook and twitter pages as well for goodies along the way.

As promised, the coupon code is:


Make sure to enter it before you checkout to make use of the free month of premium service.

Yours in Debauchery,

Lady Intervous