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Week of December 16, 2015

Providing the Necessary Tools

With so many challenges facing students today, there is always more that needs to be done to provide them with the tools they need to successfully navigate the 21st century. During this year, Mr. Lavon Chatman and Ms. Angela Moses, counselors with Living Hope, have been providing another piece to the education of our Hot Springs High School students. One day each week they are going into one or more of our Enrichment classes to educate students on various social skills.

For the fall, the topic has been social media and how to use it wisely. Students were exposed to ideas about how to think about what they post, how it can affect their future jobs and college admissions, and to be aware of how much social media controls their time. Ms. Moses shared that each class was a little different because the experiences of the students took the conversations in various directions. “We learned more than the students did, probably, in hearing how social media affected them and how they were dealing with it,” Ms. Moses said.

Ms. Bush shared that her students were very engaged during the class with Mr. Chatman and Ms. Moses. “The counselors did a great job of putting the information on a high school level and relating well to the students.” Other teachers have expressed similar sentiments and are looking forward to more classes where their students get professional input regarding social skills for today.

For the spring semester, Mr. Chatman and Ms. Moses will be working with topics of conflict resolution and respect and what it looks like in a school setting. Hot Springs High is appreciative of the collaboration with Living Hope in providing these classes for students.