News From 3D

Newsletter Changes

You'll notice in this newsletter and going forward that some articles have been written by students. As we continue with our various writing units, I want the students to have practice writing for a different audience and have the chance to report in their own words what is happening in 3D. This is not mandatory but rather a volunteer opportunity. Our first three eager contributing writers were Lizzie, Elsa, and Amelia. I hope you enjoy their pieces!
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Field Trip to See Charlotte's Web

On March 20 we took an exciting adventure to Pitman Theatre. It was a very snowy and cold day, but we made it! After reading the novel we finally got to see it come alive. Charlotte's Web was an awesome play with lots of characters. I think it was a great opportunity for us to have a little break from learning and to watch an amazing play. Also we didn't have a field trip in a long time. The trip before was canceled because of cold weather and wind. We were excited to see Charlotte's Web. We had an awesome time!

Written by Lizzie Flynn

Bike Safety from Officer Hoopes

Officer Hoopes came in to 3D to teach us about bike safety. Now that there is some nice weather here are some tips as you ride your bike;

1. Wear a tight strapped helmet
2. Wear knee pads
3. Put on the right shoes like sneakers
4. At night wear bright clothing
5. Pump your tires
6. Check your breaks
7. When your by yourself ride on the pavement
8. Look out for bumps
9. Check the spokes
10. Use the hand signals

Now that you have heard some tips from me and Officer Hoopes, I hope you will follow them and be safe!

Written by Amelia Tomashek

Social Studies Project with the iPads

We just started our new Social Studies unit, Citizenship and Government. Mrs. Dugan wanted to bring our first lesson to life, so she told us to do a Pic Collage on volunteering. Some people did a Pic Collage on volunteering in animal shelters, libraries, and helping save endangered animals. I think this is a very fun project and all my classmates like doing stuff on Pic Collage, so people can have fun while they are learning. Some people may do their Pic Collage for real!

Written by Elsa Brumbaugh

Field Trip

Wednesday, April 22nd, 9am

200 Hagley Creek Road

Wilmington, DE

Students will need to pack a lunch and wear comfortable shoes.

Math Centers

During our last two units, geometry and fractions, a big focus was on math centers and cooperative learning. I love teaching this way, and the kids really enjoy learning in this format. It allows them to apply what they are learning in teams and partnerships. For me, I can easily differentiate lessons and meet with small groups. Check out the pictures below to see how excited and engaged your children were as they studied shapes and fractions!
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March Madness Math: Project Based Learning

To bring our fraction unit to life and to discuss current sports events, students participated in 3D March Madness Math! Student had two minutes to make as many baskets as they could. We then calculated the fraction of baskets made and baskets not made. Next we converted those fractions into decimals and then percents.
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