Media Literacy

Superbowl Ad

Axe Peace in the TV Advertisement for Axe Make Love Not War (2014) depicts that the buying Axe peace promotes brings peace. The commercial illustrates their Advertisement by showing Helicopters, Tanks, Men Fighting in the army and their loved ones showing up and giving them a hug and a kiss. The Advertisement purpose is to sell the new Axe Peace to men who are watching the Superbowl which will most likely interest them. The genre is intended for males between the ages 15-25 with an informal tone.


I am deathly afraid of snakes the sound and sight of snakes freak me out. Whenever I encounter a snake I immediately freeze up and I feel like I’m face to face with death. Sometimes I have dreams about snakes crawling all over me or around me and I wake up in a panic. The sight of a snake gives me the creeps. Whenever someone tells me they’ve seen a snake by where I live or in a place I am every day I have a hard time being around the area. Snakes give me heebie-jeebies. Even if the snake is dead I’m still afraid of it. The only time I’m not afraid of snakes is when there in a cage. I’ve always been afraid of snakes and I think I probably will never overcome my fear of snakes. Snakes make me feel like I’m near death. I think that snakes represent bad luck and if you see one you should always stay away. People say that when you dream about snakes they represent people in your life plotting against you. The closest I’ve been to a snake is in middle school when reptile man came to my school and I petted his yellow snake only because everyone else was doing it. I was extremely afraid. Ever since then I’ve never touched a snake again. I don’t think I will ever unless someone pays me. Snakes are deadly animals

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Essay Improvement

Reflection On My Writing

My essay writing has improved very much since the beginning of my high school year.Most of the time i have trouble writing an essay when its a topic i have no knowledge on. I perfer to write essays on a topic i understand or can use personal experience or knowledge. My writing has improved in three specific areas analysis, broader words,and organization.

I learned to use more analysis basically using concrete detail. When you use concrete details in an essay it gives your essay more information. Details is what makes the essay using juicy details shows the reader you really know what your talking about. Also your explaning more about your essay. Going more into depth by using details and other things to show that your information is concrete.

Using broader words in your essay makes the essay sound amazing and enticing. it Helps descride what your talking. When your readers reads your essay with descriptive words it grabs there attention. It makes the reader to want to keep reading. Broader words is the key to an successful essay.

FInally i learned that Organization is one of the most important parts of an essay. When your essay is organized it helps the reader follow what the purpose of the essay. The essay should be in chronological order telling what happens from beginnig to end.Starting with the introduction of the essay to the conclusion of essay has to be lined up.

In conclusion my essay writing has improved many more other properties but mainly with those. with those three characters your essay will surely be a succes. Essay writing can sometimes be challenging.