The one eye potatoes

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There ain't nothin like being apart of this club, we have people from all around the U.S. who come here to have an amazing time with us and just do whatever. Our environment is one of the most friendly you'll ever be around because everyone is just like you.

We meet any day ending with a Y. At 12PM sharp.

When you sign up you automatically receive nothing! :) But a heart welcoming hello.

Some of our top group leaders are: Bob, Bobby, and Bubba

Guaranteed to freak you the freak out!

Frequently asked questions.

who are you: I am no one just a person dong whatever. This is really creepy: not a question but yep it sure as heck is! :). why would i join your club: You definitely should because you've stayed this long so far. Do you have any loose screws: nope just loose potatoes.