The Water Problem in Laos

by Mrs. McBee

Where in the World is Laos?

Laos is located in the southern portion of Asia between Thailand and Vietnam. It is about 91,000 square miles. It is a little smaller than the state of Michigan. It has a population of about 7,000,000 people.
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What Kind of Water Problem Does The Country Have?

People in Laos are getting sick. It is believed that the residue from weed-killers and pesticides are getting into the drinking water. Farmers in the country are being blamed for using too many chemicals.

The residents of six villages are being affected. They include Napa, Tameun, Khoksa-Ad, Patong, Huai Lor and Phiahuanam areas.

The country is also suffering from low water levels along the Mekong River.

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What are the Current Efforts?

Local villagers anonymously tried voicing the problem to farmers, but they have been ignored. Recently, a local Department of Agriculture has tried to regulate the types of pesticides that farmers use. Many farmers do not follow the regulations. The government does not enforce the regulations because the farmers grow rice which helps with the country's economy.

Adopt a Village in Laos is a charity that currently benefits remote villages and helps them get clean water.

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Potential Solutions to the Water Problem in Laos

People in Laos are protesting to the Chinese in an effort to better manage the dam in the Mekong River in China. If the Chinese listen, the water level in Laos and other surrounding countries will be helped.