The Real Story of Three Blind Mice

by: Queeney Boateng

It was a normal happy day for the three mice. They were wandering around their village in the Alps. The three mice wander accidentally onto a farm and as they were wandering they bumped into the farmer's wife. She screamed and called the police. The police arrived on the scene immediately and the mice were arrested and sent to jail. The judge decided to give the mice no bail because of the invasion of privacy towards the farmer's wife. When trial time came around the mice were not the same carefree mice as before. They had been beaten terribly so badly they all of them had their eyes scratched out and were now blind. In the Alpine Mountains it was a serious crime invading someone's privacy. The judge charged them with a minor misdemeanor and they were sent to see their probation officer. Their probation officer told them that if they violated their probation they would be thrown back into jail and sent to trial again. They were on good behavior for a few months but being the annoying they were they had to ruin the peace of the village. One of the mice had a brilliant idea to go the butcher's shop. All three of the mice agreed that this would be a good idea because after all who doesn't like fresh cut beef? They wandered into the butcher's store after getting lost 5 times. The mice were still adjusting to having no eyesight. When they finally arrived at the butcher's he had already left to go home. The butcher's wife was closing up the shop and the three mice came in and after asking them politely to leave the store she became angry because she had a quick temper. She went after the mice with the butcher knife and cut off their tails in a fit of rage. The mice were again devastated because they had lost their eyesight and now their tails. The mice sued the butcher's wife for attempted manslaughter. The mice and the butcher's wife went to the city because the city had courthouses and real justice. They went to trial and the butcher's wife was brought before a grand jury and a petit jury. They grand jury decided to indict the butcher's wife. The petit jury would decide on the butcher's wife guilt or innocence. The butcher himself was poor, too poor to afford a lawyer so the court appointed his wife, the defendant a court lawyer which is called a public defender. After the butcher's wife was appointed a lawyer her arraignment was held and she plead not guilty to the attempted manslaughter. The mice were surprised at her perjury under oath but they did not stay surprised for long because the butcher's wife public defender made her use a plea bargain to get lesser jail time. The trial began after the arraignment and soon both the public defender and the prosecution tried to find witnesses that were to be subpoenaed for the trial. After the trial the petit jury's verdict was guilty. The butcher's wife was convicted with attempted manslaughter and went to jail for a year. After a year was over she did not appeal to higher court for a retrial. The three blind mice went on being annoying and blind until they wandered deep into the forest until they came upon a lonely cottage. In this cottage lived a young enchantress the mice did not know this so they wandered in. The enchantress was home and sensed their presence as they came in and transformed herself into an old woman. She said to them "My three blind mice I know you have felt pain and much suffering in your short mouse lives but I can help erase all the agony if you make me one promise." The mice were shocked into silence until one of them came out and said What kind of promise would you like us to agree to?" she answered that she could restore their eyesight and regrow their tails. The mice could not believe what they were hearing but they had to be good, productive, charming and delightful mice wherever they went. The mice readily agreed to do this. The enchantress believed them and gave them a special magical lotion that each had to rub all over his body three times a day for 2 weeks. The mice were so glad and thankful for the kind enchantress' magic they swore they would fulfill their promise they made to her. By the end of the two weeks the mice had their eyesight and tails back and they lived productive, charming lives.