food photographer.

Yes, this is where the pictures in the menu come from.

Being a food photographer.

In this career, you pursue your picture taking skills with food arrangements. Your pictures show up in things like magazine advertisements and restaurant menus. The average salary in the U.S. for a food photographer is 32,000 dollars per year. This career, like any other photography career, allows a person to work independently, on their own time. To be in this field, you really need to be patient. Some pictures will not turn out, and that's okay. The education needed for this career - Most jobs just require a high school diploma. For more advanced jobs, bachelor degrees are required.

The pros and cons of this job.

Unlike a job in the medical field, sometimes a career in photography is not so demanding, so finding a job can be way difficult. The salary is enough to live on, but to raise a family, it may not be that best. Being a photographer would be so laid back, and your pictures could be historical. (: