This Week In Room 505!

Weekly Happenings in Miss Casselli's 3rd Grade Class

Dates to Remember!

November 2nd-20th:
- I Run4Life Sneaker Challenge

November 10th-19th:
- Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • GRADE 3: dish detergent, sponges, bar soap, scouring pads, paper towels

November 17th:

- Thanksgiving Lunch Menu

November 18th:

-Home & School Association Meeting - 7:00 PM

-Parent Positive Speaker Series @ Lenape Middle School

November 18th-24th:
-Miss Casselli's Conferences *Don't forget to sign up!

November 20th:

-Home & School Association - Mother & Son Trivia Night

November 23rd- 24th:
- Early Dismissal

November 25th-27th:
-Thanksgiving Holiday- No School

In School This Week... 11/16-11/20

This week in math we will be continuing to work through Unit 3: Linear Measures & Area.

In Unit 3, the children will be working on developing their measurement sense by measuring lengths with standard units- in both the U.S. customary system & the metric system.

The students will practice reading a ruler, and begin to use certain body measures or the lengths of everyday objects as personal references to estimate the length of objects or distances.

In the beginning of the week: We will be continuing to practice finding the perimeter and area. Then, we will be measuring the circumference and the diameter of objects to the nearest cm.

By the end of the week: The students will be reviewing Unit 3 for our test on Friday!

Ask me about: How do you find the circumference and diameter?

Try this at home:


In writing this week, we are finishing our on-demand writing prompts and working on our festive turkey writing!

Ask me about: What is your turkey writing about?

We are continuing to read and find answers to our Theme Question: How does science help us have fun? Each week of the unit covers a different Focus Question that will help your child answer the overarching Theme Question.

We are currently finishing up our first week in Unit 2 with Science All Around, a nonfiction selection about where to find science in our everyday lives.

By the end of the week, the students will describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text, using language that pertains to time, sequences, and cause/effect. In addition, the children will be working on their comprehension by summarizing the main idea of the text.

This week we will be working with contractions that have am, is, & are. We will also be identifying antonyms.

Ask me about: Focus Question: What are you reading about in small group? How does your story connect to science?

Every week we are working on a new grammar and spelling skill that correlates with our reading curriculum.

This week we will be focusing on words with the "long i" sound in Unit 10.

Ask me about: What are some words that have the "long i, igh" sound?

Solar System Unit: The children will be exploring the sun, the center of our solar system. They will learn about the sun by recording shadows and day length. Once they have made a series of observations, they use models to help them understand the Earth's relationship to the sun as seen in the day-and-night cycle and the annual cycle. The children will have opportunities to wonder and learn about other objects they have seen in the nighttime sky!

Ask me about: Why does it seem that the sun is rising in the east?

Try this at home: