Bull's Eye

Sarah N. Harvey


  • The mother crying silently because of the death of her sister who just had a baby. Also, Sandra never told Emily that she was not her mother.
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  • This book startS of with Emily who just lost her aunt and did not know that her aunt is actually her mother, While the person Emily is leaving with is her aunt.Emily was so angry for not knowing this fact and after she realized it,, she started a journey in search of her father. On her search she found out that there might be some secret between her mother and father. Due to this reason, she met his dad son Micheal and he told Emily that he passed away. After a short while she started to babysit a little girl called April. She loved April and one day she asked Emily if they were sisters and she told her that "No matter what happens, they will always be sisters.


  • I want book lovers to read this book
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