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News for the week of September 15, 2014

Here is your 14-15 WFSS News Team!

Congratulations to the following students who were selected for the 2014-15 WFSS News Team: Sadie Bartunek, Savannah Bowles, Camryn Buzzalino, Dacia Case, Savannah Cothran, Alyssa Crosby, Rachel Decker, Luna Gallego, Jonah Garren, Rachel Golembesky, Saleya James, Nick Moore, Colin Moroney, Valerie Nicholson, Julian Parry, Anna Paxton, Lucas Semberger, Grayson Shirley, Jieanna Southern, and Micah Wood.

These students will be producing the morning show at Fork Shoals this school year. They arrive at school at 7:30 each morning to bring the students and staff of Fork Shoals the news that matters to them.

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The 1st quarter reading challenge is underway!

Your child's goal: Read as many pages as possible between now and October 23rd. Reading logs MUST be turned in to Ms. Knight no later than Tuesday, October 28th. We’ll have prizes for those who read the most in each grade level, and every participant will receive recognition!

How do you record reading?

Use this reading log to document books read. List books (with page numbers) as you complete them. An adult must sign by each book read. Add the total number of pages read during the 1st quarter.

Book of the Week: The Quilt Walk

The year is 1864, and Emmy Blue Hatchett has just learned that her family is leaving their safe home in Illinois to strike out for a new life in Golden, Colorado. While Emmy Blue is excited about the possibility of adventure, she doesn’t want to leave everything she’s ever known behind…and she knows her mother feels the same way. But they accept their new circumstances, and Emmy Blue, her parents, and her aunt and uncle set off for Colorado.

The family has to leave many things behind–and think of creative ways to take along what they need–but just before they leave, Emmy Blue is given some fabric pieces by her grandmother. Emmy Blue is not exactly happy with this gift. Unlike the other women in her family, Emmy Blue has no interest in quilting. She doesn’t understand the appeal of making perfect stitches and putting scraps of fabric together, but her mother convinces her to take her grandmother’s gift and put it together on their long trek to Colorado.

As Emmy Blue begins piecing her quilt together, often walking while she stitches, she takes in her surroundings and gets to know the people around her. She has long conversations with her father and mother, she makes a new friend when they join up with a wagon train, and she questions some of the cruelty she sees around her. She encounters dangers she never expected, she learns to set up camp and lead a team of oxen, and she even finds herself enjoying her quilt walk just a bit. On this long, perilous journey, Emmy Blue Hatchett is growing up and discovering just how strong both she and those around her really are.

Eventually, Emmy Blue and her family arrive at their destination…though not without some changes. Emmy Blue is a different person than the girl who left Illinois. Her quilt walk may be done, but her journey through life is just beginning.

The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas is a nominee for the 2014-15 South Carolina Children's Book Award.

Are you reading the SC Book Award nominees?

Every year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians nominates twenty books for four different Book Award levels: Picture, Children's, Junior, and Young Adult. Fork Shoals participates in both the Picture and Children's Book Award programs. Students who read at least five books from each level are eligible to vote for their favorite in February!

Click here for a handy checkoff sheet to keep track of your Book Award reading, and check out the videos below for a quick glimpse at this year's nominees!

14-15 SCPBA Nominees
14-15 SCCBA Nominees

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Dates to Remember:

  • September 2-26 - Fall MAP testing (Teacher will send specific dates.)
  • September 18 - Progress reports
  • September 19 - Fall pictures
  • September 22 - Spirit Night at Zaxby's, 5-8pm
  • September 26 - Spirit Day
  • September 29 - PTA Family Fun Night
  • October 7 - Skate Night @ Golden Skate, 6-8pm

Health Room News

Please remember that students have to be 24 hours free of fever, vomiting, or other stomach issues without medication before coming back to school.

Art News

Mrs. Cianfarano, our art teacher, will be periodically sending art work to The Greenville News Kids Page for possible publication. If a piece is chosen by The Greenville News, they will contact the parent before it goes in the paper. The art, a photo of the child, and a biography will be published and the student will receive $10.

PTA Reflections

It’s Reflections time again! Many of you may have worked on your entries as part of your summer activity sheets; however, it is not too late! Information about how to enter has been sent home and is also on the school website. The final entry date is October 13th, so you have plenty of time.

There are several categories for your student to enter in order to show their talents including the areas of visual arts, dance choreography, music composition, literature, and photography. Reflections has both a primary (for grades K-2) and intermediate (for grades 3-5) division. This year’s theme is The World Would be a better place if…… Let’s have our most entries ever for Fork Shoals School!