Hold Fast



Just because your rich, doesn't mean you have a higher niche.

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"Stinkin shelter kids. Gives our school a bad name. My mom says not to talk to 'em." - A rich girl at Early's school

Most homeless kids are treated as though they are garbage. Early is a homeless girl who lived in a shelter after her dad mysteriously disappeared. She went to school with other kids who did not live in shelters, and the way they treated her was horrible. Instead of feeling bad for Early, the rich girl at her school talked trash about her, just because they do not have an equal amount of money nor do they both have a home. My picture represents Early's feelings towards the rich girl's comments, because they may have a lot of differences but they are both still human beings. My slogan should also represent this, because a rich person does not always have the highest role in a group of people. In an ideal world, the most popular people are not identified by of the amount of money they have, but by their personality and their kindness. Most people always say they want to help these homeless people, but very few will actually help. I hope that many more will join the very few people, and make that group a lot bigger.