Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - Thursday 3 February 2022

Don’t become preoccupied with your child’s academic ability,

but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone.

Teach them to be kind.

Teach them to offer their help.

Teach them to be friends with the lonely.

Teach them to think of others.

Teach them to share.

Teach them to look for the good.

This is how they will change the world.


2022 Important Dates

Week 1

Swimming Lessons Y 1-6

Week 2

Swimming Lessons Y 1-6

Week 3

Wed 16 Feb: Y6 Parish Mass - 9.30am

Fri 18 Feb: Whole School Mass 10am Hall

Please go to our calendar for more dates: https://www.ladyofcape.wa.edu.au/calendar.php

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community

Welcome Back

Lots of excited little beings, crisp clean uniforms, catching up with friends and possibly even a little learning took place on Monday! It was just great to see all our families back on site and to be able to welcome new families to our community for 2022.

Adventure Playground

The biggest highlight on Monday was the new adventure playground. The challenge of climbing across the helix, judging your timing to jump on the swing, hooning down the slides with your friends, the strength required to go across the monkey bars, the rock bands performing on the stage, the balance and skills required to move across the climbing net along with resting in the tree, chilling at the long table and just having great fun with friends. There are obviously several risks and lots of decision making involved for our students in the new playground. This will help our students prepare for risk-taking activities in their teenage years.

The students are supervised at recess and lunchtimes. As mentioned in correspondence prior to the school year commencing and students informed on Monday, The Adventure Playground is out of Bounds before and after school. It will be a registered area for our OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) and our licence cannot be granted till we can demonstrate that this requirement is met.

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P&F Opportunity

There is an opportunity for you by yourself or with a friend to be a P&F rep for your class. The criteria is to enjoy yourself, organise one social and one fundraising event for your class during the year. One very strong MJR fact is that giving people are the happiest people. Let our human dynamo (Fran) in the front office or Leah Pearson know if you are available. Enjoy each other and enjoy the community..


We all understand that things can change from day to day. A few simple instructions that will help the vulnerable in our community and slow the spread of COVID.

  • Parents are required to wear masks and use the QR code if they enter the school buildings.
  • Adults are not required to wear masks if they are outside on school premises.
  • Canteen helpers are required to be double vaccinated.
  • We have our OLC 6 step plan in the event of a COVID positive case in our community. We will then be directed by the Chief Health Officer.
  • We need to keep educating our children to wash their hands.
  • There has been no suggestion from the Government or CEWA that primary school students will be vaccinated at school.
  • There are not a great deal of answers to our questions. Our objective is to keep our vulnerable students and parents as safe as possible whilst on school grounds.
  • Please ensure you have a caregiver to collect your child from school in the event of an evacuation due to a bushfire or COVID.

New Staff

We welcome eight new staff members into the OLC community this year.

Miss Nikita Rees will be teaching Year 5R.

Mrs Anne Coltrinari will be teaching Year 5J in term one.

Ms Jane King teaching music.

Mrs Michelle Blythman will be teaching digital technologies to Years 3-6.

Mrs Sheree Knezevic will be teaching in Year 1.

Mrs Lauren King, Education Assistant in Year 2

Mrs Tina Hayward, Education Assistant in Year 6.

Miss Phoebe Linwood, Education Assistant in Year 1.

Staff Wellness

As part of our staff wellness plan, please do not expect an email response after 5pm.

Children's Crossing

After being informed last week that our crossing was going to be unmanned, Wilma has been there every day. Thank you to those who said they were interested in the position. There will be times when Wilma is unavailable. If you are interested in a position, feel free to contact the Children’s Crossing Unit......6274 8734.

Some of the requirements are that you need to live within 10k from the crossing, require a medical assessment and WWC (Working with Children Card).

Thank you

A very big thank you to Adriana who has so kindly volunteered in our uniform shop for the past two years.

Thank you also to Rebecca Torr and Meredith McGarry who have volunteered to continue this valuable service.

Where possible, please plan your uniform fittings for Wednesdays from 8.20am - 8.50am, when our volunteers are present. A reminder that all uniforms should be ordered online via Permapleat.

Second hand uniforms can be viewed at any time. Just call in at the office to collect a key and bring some cash for these items.

Did you know?

  • Scarlett (3) went to the circus in the holidays.
  • The editor thinks Oscar (PP) is not going to miss out on too much in life. Clocked at 117 kph at lunchtime playing in the flowing creek, going down the slide, driving then climbing over the freshly painted jeep, playing with trucks all with a broken ankle that is in a moon boot. A magnificent example of school being just somewhere to go between recess and lunchtimes.
  • There is a new footpath on the western side of the school in Sloan Drive.
  • Mrs Jane King commenced band rehearsals at lunchtime on Wednesday.
  • Penelope (2) was happily walking off to class with Mrs Laurino at 9.44am on Wednesday morning.
  • That the size of your liver fluctuates throughout the day?
  • One incredibly talented, generous and giving parent painted the surfing jeep in the Pre-primary playground. Thank you Mrs Sally Kerr.
  • Lakhari (4) has two chickens, Brown Eye and Miss Caramel.
  • Isla McLaren (5) is a delightful person now and will be the most beautiful person as an adult.
  • Kinley (PP) is a beautiful well-mannered courteous young lady.
  • Cooper Mc (3) says it is just great fun going back to school.
  • Olivia and Maddy (3) are excellent at giving greetings using people’s names.
  • Several building companies are currently tendering to build two new classrooms and toilet block at OLC.
  • Someone who looks a little like Maxwell (3) was returning to his Year 2 classroom on Monday when he realised he was now in Year 3!
  • Oscar B (1) enjoys karate. His dad is a builder and goes off to work to dig holes!
  • Will H (4) was eating grapes, working on syllables, using his laptop and talking to Mr Danaher at 10.03am on Wednesday morning.
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  • Listening to Mrs Marrell and Mrs Spencer from the front office speak with parents.
  • Listening to parents with a positive attitude.
  • Watching that playground committee in action. Giving up hundreds of hours of their time so other students can have an exciting time at school.
Eugene Lee


Health Care & Pension Cards

If you hold one of the above cards and intend to claim a tuition fee rebate please fill in a form (either pick up at front office or we can email to you). We will need to sight and copy your card for our records. If your card expires during the year full fees will be charged after the expiry date so please ensure that you send in a copy of any new cards that you receive during the year.

Applications for the rebate will need to be received by Thursday 10th February.

After School Sports (Thurs pm) / Running Club (Weds am)

This will commence in Week 4 for Years 3 - 6 when Mrs Sinclair returns. Forms will be sent out soon.

RE Update

Cancer in the School Community

This Friday is World Cancer Day.

Every school is a community, a network of relationships connecting students, parents, guardians and family members with teachers, principals and other school staff. When anyone in a school community is diagnosed with cancer, people usually want to help but may not be sure where to start with supporting students, families and colleagues affected by cancer.

At OLC we are aware that each cancer experience is different, and every individual navigates it in their own way. Some people want to deal with cancer privately, others welcome all support. Some want to talk about it, others just want to blend in. How people feel about the involvement of the school community may change at different stages. If you are currently affected by cancer in any way and would like the school to be involved to support you and/or your child, please contact me at anytime via phone or email at amie.meyer@cewa.edu.au, so that we might chat about your needs and how we can help. ♥

External Support Providers and Services

Parents, does your child receive services onsite at OLC during the school day? Either NDIS funded Speech Therapy, OT, Physiotherapy and the like, or music tuition from an outside provider? We are currently reviewing our policy and procedures around this space and require an audit. If your child engages in one of these services, please contact me via email with details as soon as possible. Thank you. amie.meyer@cewa.edu.au

Charity and Fundraising

The families at OLC are renowned for generously supporting school fundraisers for several charitable organisations. It is with great delight that I sincerely thank all families who contributed to various dress up days, OLC Worm Wizz and chook egg sales, as well as our annual Mission Market Feast Day event in 2021 to raise the following totals:

$3198 to Catholic Mission Australia

$3198 to Caritas Australia

$189 to Uthando dolls

$650 for Wheelchairs for kids

A donation total of just over $7000 dollars, which is an amazing community effort to assist people in need around the world. Thank you!

This year our fundraising efforts will be directly assisting the people of Timor-Leste via the Timor-Leste Village Supporter Group. This has evolved after I encountered a gentleman by the name of Peter Snell who noticed on Face Book that I was hoping to offload some outdated, yet usable furniture, that OLC had replaced over several years.

Peter began working to support the people of Timor-Leste in 2005, with an aim to helping villagers overcome significant health, food, security, and educational issues. In 2007 he visited the country and was responsible for sourcing, supplying, and installing 9 water hand pumps and a windmill in various districts. In 2010 he created a project called “Containers for Timor” which has shipped 34 containers of donated school furniture, community and medical supplies.

So…. long story short, we are hoping to collect as much unused, good condition furniture for educational use, from the school and its families as possible, to be shipped to Timor-Leste this year. Peter is also chasing unused stationery for classes and lessons, useable sporting equipment, old uniforms and good quality children’s clothing for orphaned and abused children.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a clean out, avoid contributing to landfill AND help others in need!

Over the coming fortnight, if you have any of the above items in good condition to share, please get in touch with me at amie.meyer@cewa.edu.au for information regarding drop off points. Please ensure donations are clean and usable. The proceeds from fundraisers this year will go towards shipping costs and local projects in Timor-Leste. We hope for our students to establish a genuine interactive relationship with the recipients of donations through the use of technology, and look forward to building capacity in their compassion, appreciation, empathy, generosity and understanding of the needs of our global neighbours. Thank you for your support.

Mrs Amie Meyer

Assistant Principal, Religious Education

News from the P&F


Due to uncertainly surrounding COVID we have decided to postpone the welcome event until a later occasion.
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community news

Group Ukulele Lessons

Day: Thursday’s 17th Feb to 7th April, 8.00am to 8.35am

Venue: OLC Hall

Cost: Eight week course $216

Learning a musical instrument is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. The ukulele is easy and fun to play.

Learn basic strumming & fingerpicking techniques, a handful of chords, a variety of songs and gain the confidence to play with family & friends.

For further information contact Certified Simply Music Teacher

David Pilpel

0424 645 316 or pilpel@westnet.com.au

Places are limited & registration essential


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There is also a box outside of the School Reception for you to drop your supplies in.
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