what it is doing to our Earth

Our Forest

There are many problems going on in the world right now but, deforestation is a really big one because, there are millions of animals in this world that live in forests and right now there are tons of people chopping down trees and many fires happening. The trees of which most of these animals live in, what would you do if your home was getting destroyed?

Our Animals

All of this is happening because people simply need the wood for fires, paper, cardboard and many fires happen all the time. They chop all of these trees down, these trees that we could not survive without, they chop them down to make frivolous things that we don't really need, except for paper and fire of course but, they chop them down for other things that we don't need.

  • This issue impacts america because we get more and more polluted air
  • It effects Africa because there are millions of animals there and they are losing their homes
  • It also effects Canada because they also have a lot of snow and it is really cold there so they need to have plenty of fire
If people were to always keep water around so that if there were a fire it could immediately be put out, or people could just chop a couple of trees down from one area so that they could still make the products that they need but don't chop down an entire forest all together.