Keep Calm and Teach On

Important Dates-February 18, 2016

Feb. 15

Begin collecting writing samples for TELPAS

3:15 PM TELPAS Collaboration in the Computer Lab C5>all teachers involved in TELPAS

Feb. 16

First Year Teacher Academy

Data Analysis Math DBA #1>5th grade

Feb. 17

D-Hall supervised by 2nd grade

Feb. 18

Social Studies CBA #1>4th and 5th grades Day 1

Priority Meeting>Kindergarten-2nd, 3rd, 4th

Faculty Meeting--ELP's

PTA/Variety Show-Art Extravaganza 6:00-7:30 PM

Feb. 19

Social Studies CBA #1>4th and 5th grades Day 2

Data Analysis CBA #1Writing>3rd grade


Feb. 22

Leadership Meeting=3:10 PM D. Day's Office

Feb. 23

Tutoring Session III Feb. 23-May 4

Science CBA #2>3rd and 6th-Day 1

Science CBA #3>4th grade

Reading DBA #1>5th grade (if involved in testing you may wear jeans + Office Staff)

Parenting Partners -6:00-7:00 PM

Feb. 24

Science CBA #2 Day 2>6th grade

D-Hall First grade supervises

Feb. 25

Faculty Meeting=Goal Teams

Feb. 26

Radical Roadrunner Rally=8:30 AM

Noon Dismissal/1/2 day Workday

Grades due by 4:00 PM

End of 4th Six Weeks


Feb. 29

Begin 5th Six Weeks

Book Fair-Feb. 29-Mar. 4

Data Analysis Social Studies CBA #1>4th grade

TC Meeting=3:10 PM Conference Room

Mar. 1

Dr. Seuss's Read Across America>8:00-9:00 AM

Data Analysis Science CBA #1/#2>5th and 3rd grades

Data Analysis Writing DBA #2>4th grade

Mar. 2

Data Analysis Reading DBA #1>5th grade

D-Hall supervised by Kindergarten

Mar. 3

TEA Time>3rd-6th

Data Analysis Science CBA #2/#3>4th and 5th grades

Report Cards Go Home

Faculty Meeting-Depth & Complexity Part 2

Mar. 4

TELPAS Writing Samples due to Teri


Mar. 7

Spring Pictures (group/individual)

Mar. 8

DBA #1 Reading>3rd, 4th, and 6th

PTA Executive Board Meeting

Mar. 9

D-Hall supervised by Special Ed. Team

Mar. 10

TEA Time K-2

Collaboration with R. Huerta during planning

Science Night--Fort Worth Museum 6:00-8:00 PM

Mar. 11


Mar. 14-Mar. 18

Spring Break

Mar. 21

School Resumes

Mar. 22

Operation Success 5th Math

TELPAS on line Reading Test>2nd-6th

Mar. 23

DHall supervised by Fine Arts

Operation Success 4th Writing

Mar. 24

Kindergarten visits Casa Manana for "The Three Little Pigs"

Operation Success 5th Reading

Data Analysis DBA #1 Reading>3rd, 4th, and 6th

Faculty Meeting>STAAR Training

Important Information

*Operation Success Days require extra adults>

March 22nd Math=3 5th grade teachers + T. Fuller, A. Pane, A. Mata

March 23rd Writing=3 4th grade teachers + T. Fuller, A.Pane, A. Mata

March 24th Reading=3 5th grade teachers + T. Fuller, A. Pane, A. Mata

*Please list on the Summary page what grade level teachers will be at Science Night

--Intradistrict /Interdistrict Transfers

--Intradistrict Transfers from January 4 - February 29, 2016

--Interdistrict Transfers application is available at the HEB ISD Administration Bldg.

--Lesson Plan requirements> Your lesson plans must have P(Learning Objective)DSA, Language Objective (from ELPS),

Quality Questions and High Yield Strategies.

-Reminder: If you are going to be absent you must call 817-894-5954 after you have requested a sub. Please make your arrangements in the sub system prior to 6:45 AM.

-Reminder: Turn a hard copy of your lesson plans to Rebecca on Friday by the end of the day or Monday AM for special education.

-If you are going to be absent please put in the sub-finder system before 6:45 AM and call me at 817-894-5954.

--Teachers must not be using personal cell phones during the school day. Cell phones should be locked up during the day, not on your person.

--Make sure that you are entering your grades with-in three days of the assignment.

--You MUST take the attendance twice—one at 8:00 AM and one at the 9:45 AM. This is a state law and it can be seen by the auditors and district personnel.

--Reminder>please be sure to check out in the office if you leave the building during the school day.

--Please keep Thursday afternoons open for Faculty Meetings.


*To Dedra for caring so much about our classroom environments.

*George C.-he has gone out of his way to accommodate students so they can have access to library books. It is appreciated by the whole classroom.

*Rebecca Hurlburt-She is always working hard trying to find new ways to reach her students. She is dedicated and willing to try anything in order to make a difference. She is a great role model for young teachers.

*Amanda B. is rocking reading instruction!

*4th grade goes above and beyond helping PACES students feel welcomed and integrated into the classroom. She also communicates what is needed and how they are doing.

*Marylu J. is an amazing asset to our school. She truly cares about our kids.

*Cindy G. rocks with the 4 year olds. How does she do it?

*Nancy B. has helped us tremendously with technology for our students!



Madison V. 2nd

Stacy H. 9th

Dedra S. 10th

Nancy B. 12th

Debby D. 13th

Natalia P. 24th

Vision: to be a district and community leader by exemplifying character, honor, and academic excellence.

Mission: collaborate with our community to empower students to reach their greatest potential.


1. Do what’s right.

2. Perform with excellence.

3. Respect others.