Period 4: 1800-1848

Kenya De Leon - January 2016

The Louisiana Purchase

  • Large, unexplored tract of land in the West (MS and MO Rivers)
  • US wanted control of the MS River to avoid European affairs
  • Jefferson's Strict interpretation - predicament
  • Positive consequences
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Marbury v. Madison (1803)

  • Chief Justice - Marshall
  • Marbury sued for his commission
  • Marshall ruled that Marbury had a right to his commission because of the Judiciary Act of 1789; however, the act was unconstitutional and Marbury would not receive his commission.
  • Established judicial review
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Marbury v. Madison - Govt. Project


  • Roads/Turnpikes - National/Cumberland Road - major route west, funded using federal and state money, completed in 1850s
  • Canals - Erie Canal - linked the economy of western farms to that of eastern cities, completed in 1825 under John Q. Adams
  • Steamboats
  • Railroads
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Politics of the Common Man

  • Universal male suffrage
  • Party nominating conventions - nominate candidates in large meeting hall rather than in caucuses
  • Popular election
  • Rise of third parties - Anti-Masonic, Workingmen's
  • Campaigning
  • Spoils System/Office Rotation - jobs in return for loyalty to the party
  • NAT-1.0: Jackson expressed ideas of democracy and supported the common man
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Abolitionist Movement

  • American Colonization Society created in 1816
  • No real anti-slavery sentiment in the North in 1820s/1830s
  • Gradualists vs. Immediatists
  • Garrison - immediatist; The Liberator (1831)
  • Fredrick Douglas
  • Harriet Tubman
  • POL-2.0: The abolitionist movement sought to change/destroy the slavery institution