Malaysian Olympic Takeover 2012

Hijacking the Olympics Without the Sponsorship Fees

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This summer, the world's largest event is taking place in London, the Olympics 2012. How do we use this global platform to create local buzz on such a vast stage, and at the same time make the news shareable?

This year we have the world's greatest badminton player representing our country. The whole nation needs to get behind Lee Chong Wei - he is our chance for Malaysia to win a GOLD MEDAL.

Everyone knows he has been resting for the Olympics. Now is our chance to show our support. Let's do it in the most popular and widest reaching way possible - online.
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How Does the Brand Benefit?

  1. 400,000 unique visitors engaging with your brand content.
  2. 3,680,000 friend stream impressions generating constant brand awareness during the Olympics
  3. Build positive brand affinity through a memorable, high-impact,innovative campaign.
  4. Establish brand presence amongst Malaysia's social media generation.