Restaurants in Holmen

By Jordan Anderson


About Subway

Subway is a fast food chain around the United States that brings you low calorie, healthy, subs really fast. Subway was designed for the average american in on the go but does not want to stop at some greasy fast food restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King.

Frosty Mug

About the Frosty Mug

Frosty Mug is another fast food restaurant that offers a wide variety of fried foods. They only really good thing that stands out is there ice cream


Features is a sports bar and grill, with a full menu. It is a sit down restaurant that is family welcoming and has a great atmosphere.

About Features

We have two locations, West Salem, WI and Holmen, WI

Little China

About Little China

Little China is a Chinese restaurant that is really good. It can either be a Sit-In restaurant or they do take out.

Pizza Corral

About Pizza Corral

Pizza Corral is a pizza place that is sit down or take out. They manly serve pizza but on Fridays they do take out chicken which is really good.