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a beautiful picture of Rome, Italy

Riveting Rome

My dog Lazy and I flew to a place I love, Rome, Italy during spring break. Rome has always interested me since the day my grandpa told me stories about his travels there. My grandpa used to go all over the world before he got very ill. As for me I had never even been out of the state, let alone the country. I decided to go to Rome for my grandpa, since he was gone I wanted to carry out his strong love for Rome.
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My dogs, Lazy and Tilly


I was home alone during spring break due to my parents going on a date, I was stuck watching over our two very mischievous dogs. I stayed in my room for a while but I was hearing sounds coming from the kitchen. I went out to go check on the dogs and i found them raiding the pantry. The dogs had eaten most of the food in the pantry made a huge mess.
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Cooking with my mother

My mom and I were home alone during spring break while my dad was at work and we decided to make him his favorite food. We scrounged up all the ingredients for spaghetti. The pot full of spaghetti noodles almost fell on my dog and we almost burned all the meat. It was especially hard for us to make that night and we dont know why. Somehow we made the dinner correctly and we enjoyed it all.