Fast Food Worries

By: Mackenzie Davis

My Introduction

Junk food isn't healthy for kids at all. If all kids eat is junk food, all they'll do is gain more weight. This'll be about how kids eat tons of junk food each day and what the causes are from that.

First Paragraph -

Junk food increases the amount of weight for children. Eating junk food will affect your lifestyle. Fats and calories are included in everything that you eat, but junk food has most of those in them. If all you do is eat junk food, all you'll do is gain weight! Junk foods affect your energy levels in as little as one week! ( http://healthyeating )

Middle Paragraph -

Junk food can cause many health problems. In the article " Junk Food", doctors say fast food is a driving force behind the epidemic of diet-related health conditions. The negative effects of eating this type of food is...

1. Cancer

2. Asthma

3. Type-2-Diabetes

and many more! ( )

Last Paragraph -

Most kids eat tons and tons of junk food each and everyday! From the cite ( ), doctors see kids everyday eating junk food. Most kids, when they get the chance to, eat junk food. Fatigue can cause many health problems! Most kids know they shouldn't eat junk food but they chose to because they're "hungry" or it tastes good. Even though it might taste good, it's not good for your body. Kids are growing up everyday second. If they keep on eating this type of food, it could cause growth defects or affect your growth.

Conclusion -

This was my article. By now, you should know that it was Kids eating junk food and the causes of it. Hoped you all liked it.

The End!! Hoped You All Liked It! :)