Judgements in Walk Two Moons

By. Max Roop

Summary of Walk Two Moons

In the novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech a 13 year old girl named Salamanca Hiddle just lost her mom and now she moved to Euclid, Ohio and met Phoebe Winterbottom and her Disappearing mother. Also during this book Sal is on a road trip with her gramps and grams telling the story.

Claim/Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses judgements to teach the reader and Sal and Phoebe to not judge people until you know more.

Event 1: Mrs.Cadaver Being Judged

One of the many judgements in this book is definitely about Mrs.Cadaver. For example Phoebe says, "It means dead body!" (pg.23) dead body is refering to Cadaver. Once again Phoebe judges Mrs.Cadaver saying, "Her name is Mrs.Cadaver right? Have you ever wondered what happened to Mr.Cadaver?" (pg.24) This shows Phoebe believes that Mrs.Cadaver murdered her husband. Later in the book Sal and Phoebe realize Cadaver meaning dead body is just a coincidence. Mr.Birkway tells Phoebe and Sal that Mrs.Cadaver didn't her husband but he died in a car accident (pg.219). All in all Phoebe and Sal learn to not judge a person until you walked two moons in their moccasins.

Event 2: Mike Bickle Being Judged

One person in the novel that is judged multiple times is Mike Bickle. The first time Sal and Phoebe see Mike Bickle he comes and knocks on there door. Phoebe thinks Mike is a crazy weird lunatic, for example on pg.48 Phoebe told Mary Lou about the potential lunatic. Phoebe and Sal started getting messages mysteriously after they meet the lunatic. Sal says on pg.52, "I believe she thought it came from the potential lunatic." Referring to the message Phoebe and Sal and the Winterbottoms' received. On pg.248 Mrs.Winterbottom tells the family that Mike is her son. Mike is also not the messenger Mrs.Partridge is because on pg.250 she drops a white envelope on their porch as Phoebe walks out. Once again Phoebe and Sal learn not to judge people before you don't know the whole story.