An Element Essential To All Life

Atomic Number: 15 & Atomic Symbol: P

Recommened Daily Allowances:

Infants 0-6 months100 (AI) 100 (AI) mg

Infants 7-12 months 275 (AI) 275 (AI) mg

Children 1-3 years 460 460 mg

Children 4-8 years 500 500 mg

Children 9-13 years 1,250 1,250 mg

Adolescents 14-18 years 1,250 1,250 mg

Adults 19 years and older700 700 mg

Pregnancy18 years and younger- 1,250 mg

Pregnancy 19 years and older- 700 mg

Breast-feeding 18 years and younger- 1,250 mg

Breast-feeding19 years and older- 700 mg

Basic Facts

Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the body.

85% of phosphorus is found in the bodys bones, the other 15% is found in the blood.

It is involved in almost all of the body's chemical reactions

Foods High in Phosphorus

Beverages: -Ale and Beer, Chocolate Drinks-Cocoa-Canned Icetea -Dark Cola Dairy Products:-Cheese-Ice Cream-Yogurt Protein:-Chicken Liver-Oysters-Beef Liver Vegtables:-Kidney Beans-Baked Beans-Lentils Other:- Carmels-Wheat Germ-Nuts-Bran Cereal



Phosphorus helps to build strong bones and teeth, along with calcium. Calcium needs phosphorus in order to help your bones remain strong.  Around half the bones in our bodies are made of phosphate. Phosphorus also helps the body to create energy.  Phosphorus is also needed to take in vitaimin B in your body.

Symptoms of too Little

If you take in too little phosphate you can begin to have problems with your bones, you can be more likely to break bones. This can cause bone pain, fatigue, and weakness.

Symptoms of too Much

Taking in too much junk food in one day can cause high phosphorus levels, which can unbalance your calcium levles which will not allow the grown the strengthening of bones.

Mineral Supplement

Sonne's Calphonite No 2 Liquid Calcium Phosphorus is a supplement that contains phosphorus. This supplement helps absorb calcium into your bones and body. It is priced around $15.00


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