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Fast Facts

Continent: Europe

Capital: Paris

Population: 66,553,766 (rank=21)

Area: 248,573 (rank=42)

Main Languages: 100% French

Main Religions: 83-88% Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.: 3,845.46 miles


In France they eat their supper after 8:00pm. At every meal they eat bread, they use it to push the food up onto their fork or to clean their plate. Also they don't have very many fast food places because they are worried about their health. But they do have lots of cafés that serve toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Before France actually thought that lunch was the most important meal, that is why they have so many café`s.

Land & Climate

Did you know that France is twice as small as Bolivia, well now you do. Or have you noticed that France has a hexagonal shape and is called I'hexagone. Another interesting fact about France is it also has the highest peak in Europe. The mountain is called Mont Blanc and it is 15,771 feet high. Other landforms that France has is plains, mountains, and forests.

The Arts

There was a impressionist movement in art that Claude Monet included (Claude Monet is a very famous painter). In 1827, France had taken the very first picture in history. French artists including Jacques Daguerre had then tried to make people believe that art was important. Then in 1895 the first video was taken. France also has famous writers, for example Voltaire Hugo and Victor Hugo.

Things I would Like to See & Do

If I ever go to France, in the morning I would go on the Eiffel tower and watch the sunrise. Then for lunch I would like to go to a French café and eat French pastries for lunch. After lunch I would go to a famous art museum and look at all the art work. Next I would like to visit a French home and eat dinner there. Lastly I would go to a fashion show and watch all the models show off their beautiful outfits (France is known for it's fashion).


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