Night Entree Questions

By: Conner Seamonds

Question 1

Concentration camp changed the prisoners as people in many ways. As a person, you could almost lose your personality because everyone is sad at the camps. When someone is always sad, they become a different person completely. As a person, you can also lose faith. At any point, especially in the situation that these people were in, someone could wonder where god is, and why he isn't helping them through these tough times.

As a family you can basically be ripped apart. In the book, a boy murdered his own father over a piece of bread. This shoes that people can truly forget who they are in these times and only care about themselves.

Your relationship with other human being can also be destroyed. It is hard to become friends with people when everyone is very sad and losing hope. A side of you could also not want to create a strong relationship with anyone because at any time they could be killed in front on your eyes and that could result in more sadness.

Qustion 2

There are many important themes in this book.

Question 3

This novel reveals a few things about me as a person. The people in the Holocaust had nothing, so I have to understand how fortunate I am to have all of the toys, clothes, and shoes I have. I also need to be more thankful for the things I have because sometime I take things for granted such as food. Some people don't know when or where their next meal is coming from and I am fortunate for what I have. Lastly, I have to love and respect my family. Because at the concentration camps, families were immediately separated without saying goodbye. So I have to tell my parents thank you more often for what they do because I could lose them at any point.