Regular Board Meeting

March 4, 2021

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As authorized by Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20, dated March 17, 2020, the Alvord Unified School District will conduct all meetings of the Governing Board via teleconference until further notice. The meetings will be conducted via Zoom: Click Here. Spanish simultaneous interpretation is available via the Zoom platform. All meetings may also be viewed live on our district YouTube channel on the day of the meeting and are recorded to be viewed subsequently after the meeting: Click Here

Pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20, the Governing Board will take public comment. All public comments must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting. Please submit your written public comments to: no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day of the scheduled Board Meeting.

During the Governing Board meeting, written public comments received in a timely manner will be read for the Governing Board. Pursuant to Board Bylaw 9323, public comment period will be limited to twenty (20) minutes. Duplicative public comments will not be read during the meeting. However, all written public comments will be provided to the Governing Board in advance of the meeting.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Collett Elementary School

Presented by: Ann Vandercook, Principal

Student of the Month of March, 2021 Samantha Perez

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Presented By: Ian Fish, Assistant Director of Student Services

Items: 10 through 10.e.1.

NOTE: Items: 10.e.3; 11.f.2; and 11.f.5. were PULLED

All other consent items were routine and approved.


10.a. Board of Education/Superintendent

10.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 2/4/21

10.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 2/18/21

10.b. Administrative Services

10.b.1. Ratify Agreement – New Dimension General Construction – McAuliffe Elementary School

10.b.2. Ratify Agreement – Onyx Paving Company, Inc. – License to Use Dirt Lot at Instructional Support Services (ISS) Building on La Sierra Avenue in Exchange for Material and Services.

10.b.3. Amend Agreement – Gilmore Landscape – District-Wide

10.b.4. Approve Sales Agreement – Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Sales Agreement IN60167 – La Sierra High School

10.b.5. Approve Agreement – FC & Sons Roofing, Inc. – McAuliffe Elementary School

10.b.6. Approve Agreement – Siemens Industry, Inc. – Various Sites

10.b.7. Approve License Agreement – World Academy – Lake Hills and Promenade Elementary Schools

10.c. Business Services

10.c.1. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 12 - 2020-2021

10.c.2. Report of Receipts for January 2021

10.c.3. Approve Warrant Listing for the month of January 2021

10.d. Educational Services

10.d.1. Ratify Agreement - Bennet Motivational Services, LLC

10.d.2. Ratify Agreement - Community Now

10.d.3. Ratify Agreement - Empower You Edutainment

10.d.4. Amend Funding Sources for Educational Institution Staffing Agreement-Maxim Healthcare Solutions

10.d.5. Amend Professional Services Agreement – Creative Outdoor Advertising, Norte Vista High School

10.d.6. Amend Professional Services Agreement – RISE Interpreting, Inc.

10.d.7. Amend Teletherapy Professional Development and Platform License Agreement– PresenceLearning, Inc.

10.d.8. Approve Contract – LK Studio Inc., La Sierra High School

10.d.9. Approve Professional Services Agreement – Leticia Del Moral, Psy.D.

10.d.10. Approve Renewal of Service Agreements – Lifetouch National School Studios

10.d.11. Approve Service Agreement - Rosetta Stone Ltd., English Learner Students

10.d.12. Approve Service Agreement - Rosetta Stone Ltd., Immigrant Students

10.d.13. Approve Agreement - Dat Yoga Dude

10.d.14. Approve Agreement - South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, Norte Vista High School

10.d.15. Approve New Course – AP Computer Science Principles, La Sierra High School

10.d.16. Approve Memorandum of Understanding – California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), Family Engagement

10.e. Human Resources

10.e.1. Ratify Laboratory Services Agreement – DIACARTA

10.e.2. Approve 2021-2022 School Year Calendar

10.e.3. Approve Revised Job Description – Director III, Fiscal Services-PULLED

10.e.4. Approve New Job Description – Elementary Numeracy Teacher



11.b.1. 2021 CSBA Delegate Assembly Election - Subregion 18-A

11.c.1. Reject Non-Responsive Bids for La Sierra High School Culinary Arts Kitchen Project

11.c.2. Denial of Bid Protest as Moot for La Sierra High School Culinary Arts Kitchen Project

11.c.3. Waiver of Minor Irregularity for La Sierra High School Culinary Arts Kitchen Project

11.c.4. Award Contract – Leonida Builders, Inc. - La Sierra High School Culinary Arts Kitchen Project

11.d.2. Certify Notice of Intention to Provide for District Audit

11.d.3. Certification of the 2020-21 Second Interim Financial Report-Dusty Nevatt, Chief Business Officer

11.f.1. Approve Personnel Order No. 12-2020-2021

11.f.2. Resolution No. 40 – Elimination of One Vacant Classified Management Position-PULLED

11.f.3. Approve Addition of Twenty-Four Full-Time Teacher Positions – All Site Levels

11.f.4. Approve Addition of One 0.8 Speech/Language Pathologist Position – Special Education Department

11.f.5. Approve Addition of One Director III, Fiscal Services Position – Business Services Department-PULLED

11.f.6. Approve Variable Term Waiver – Pupil Personnel Services


11.d.1. Resolution No. 37 - Resolution Increasing Maximum Amount of Borrowing of Funds and Issuance of Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes for Fiscal Year 2020-21

11.e.1. Annual Resolution No. 38 – Music In Our Schools Month

11.e.2. Resolution No. 39 – Women’s History Month

The Regular Board meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

All of the information in this brief is public information and can be shared as you feel necessary.