September 16, 2016 V. 4, Issue 6

Reminders for Election Time

As the November 2016 election approaches, please keep in mind these important points about what is legally allowable for the school district and district employees during elections and election campaigns.

  • District employees should not advocate for or against a candidate during times when they should be performing district duties.
  • District resources cannot be used to advocate for or against a candidate. Examples include, but are not limited to, use of district phones, copiers, district email, school mailboxes, etc. If someone receives a campaign message on their district email, no violation has occurred as this cannot be prevented. Those addresses are created to allow the public to communicate with district officials. However, employees cannot use district-provided email, internet or computer resources to forward these messages to other persons.
  • No campaign signs advocating for or against a candidate should be posted in district facilities or on district property.
  • Personal contact information for employees should not be provided to any candidate. This information is considered personnel records.
  • Contact information for parents and students is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, there is an exception to FERPA that allows districts to designate some information not generally considered private as “directory information.” By law, directory information can be released unless the parents and students object in writing. In fact, under the Missouri Sunshine Law the district is required to disclose directory information to any person upon request. Request for student list information should be directed to the Executive Director Secondary Learning or the Executive Director of Elementary Learning. See 4.6 Student Lists, Administrative Practice and Procedures, page 17.
  • The district cannot include messages in district-funded publications or mailings, electronic or otherwise, that support or oppose a candidate. Only factual and neutral messages may be shared. For example, promoting the date of the election would be allowed.
  • Candidates may not distribute campaign material at school or district events.


  • Staff members should not advocate for any candidates in class or with students.
  • Staff members should not use student mailing lists to promote a candidate.
  • Staff members should not send home information about candidates with students.
  • Staff members should not wear buttons, stickers or clothing containing information about candidates.

For additional information please review board policies DCB, GBCB, GBL, KI

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