Longslade Community College

CPD Day with Jon Tait

Educational Evolution

With the educational landscape changing so quickly, Jon will discuss why we must continue to evolve as teachers or risk being left behind.

Quick Wins

Grab yourself a handful of simple strategies to transform your classroom practice and raise the performance of your students along the way.

Demonstrating Progress

The ability to demonstrate progress is essential in any good or outstanding lesson. Jon will showcase a range a techniques that can be used to achieve this at any stage of the lesson.

The Digital Classroom Pick 'n' Mix

Engagement from your students is key to success. Jon will present a multitude of easy to use technologies that will have a big impact on your students and their learning.

Creating a Culture of Learning

Everyone in school must be committed to learning, especially the adults. Jon will explore how to achieve this in your school, working with the senior leadership team to create a culture of learning.