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Elisa Winters

Black veil Brides

That one band that reaches teenagers harts, the kind of teen that thinks they are not wanted in the world.Andy Biersack, Ashley Purby, Jinxx, Jake Pitts,and Cc or as people call them Black Veil Brides.

The start

Black Veil Brides was descoverd in 2009 the original members were Andy Six, Chris, and Sandra. Thier first concert was in 2010 people say the song Nives and pens really touched their harts and the blood red shirt the lead singer wore really stood out.

BVB Army

Black Veil Brides say they are a army and "BVB" is the aniscales of the band they say "we are the fallen angels" BVB army. The generals Andy Beirsack the profit, Ashley Purby

"The deviant", Jake Pitts "cadet", Jinxx "The music", and Cc "pestroyer". By being apart of this group you are called a falllen angel it makes the out cast feel wanted.

The message in the music

What do you hear when you listen to Black veil brides music ? When their fans listen to their music they hear a message saying "your not alone there are other people out there going threw what you are". They write their songs to show those outcast that there is

someone out ther who wont judge them.


All this information. shows you that black veil brides is not just a band. They are a legend.

The kids who have the labble (The out cast) look up to them they call them their hero.There is no band like Black veil brides.