The Bobcat Blaze

April 22, 2022

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+++We Are AC Moore STRONG+++


Every AC Moore student will enter middle school reading at or above grade level.


We collaboratively empower students to be accountable and successful.


Passion: Embracing and nurturing our school community

Intentionality: Purposeful, Present, & Prepared

Accountability: Growth Over Ego

Student Pillars of Leadership: PreK - 2








Student Pillars of Leadership: 3rd - 5th









Principal's Message

Happy Friday Bobcat Families,

I hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break. It was great to have our Bobcats back in the building. We had such fun dancing along to the Pantasia Steel Drum Band during an assembly this week. It certainly put us in the mood of summer!

Students in grades K-5 began completing their Spring STAR progress monitoring assessment. This assessment is one of the many ways in which we track students' academic progress from the beginning of the year.

We have many exciting student experiences coming up within these last few weeks. Please stay updated by not only reading The Bobcat Blaze but also reviewing weekly homeroom teacher newsletters and emails.

The weather is expected to be gorgeous this weekend! I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it while fitting in some rest and relaxation.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Principal's Message


Important Dates and Upcoming Events


  • April 1-30.............................................................Autism Acceptance Month

....................................................................................School Library Month

  • Wednesday, April 27..............................................Kindergarten New Parent Orientation, 5:30 pm

.....................................................................................Bobcat Day at Pelican's Snowballs

  • Monday-Friday, April 25-29...................................Scholastics Book Fair

....................................................................................Penny Wars, PTO Fundraiser

  • Saturday, April 30..................................................Bobcat Benefit


  • May 2-6.....................................................................Teacher Appreciation Week

  • May 2-11...................................................................March of Dimes Fundraiser

  • May 20.......................................................................Field Day

-----Parent News and Reminders-----

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Dear A.C. Moore Family,

A.C. Moore Elementary will once again be supporting the March of Dimes and its mission to improve the health of babies by preventing premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality. Each year our students are pumped to be raising money to help moms and babies!

There are several ways that you can help us reach (or EXCEED!) our goal of $1,500. The first is by going online and making a donation, and by encouraging your friends and family members to do the same. Donating is easy, and if you, your friends, and your family members only donate $5 or $10 dollars each, it will make a HUGE difference. Also, the homeroom class that has the most parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends) make a donation to our team will receive a ICE CREAM PARTY!!!! Please follow these simple steps:

1. Go to:

2. If the link doesn’t work, simply copy and paste it into your browser.

3. Click on the pink “Donate to this Team” tab to make your donation.

3. Make sure to type in the name of your child’s teacher! ***

4. If you would like, you can also click on the purple “Join this Team” tab to sign up and raise funds on your own!


We are also going to have four FUN ways for your children to be involved in raising money to help the March of Dimes.

1. Will Mr. Clamp keep his lovely ponytail or will it be chopped off????? It’s up to our students! If $500 dollars are brought in and placed in our special “Mr. Clamp’s Ponytail” can between May 2nd and May 11th, then Mr. Clamp will be sporting a whole new look! The hair cutting event will take place for all to see later in May.

2. Popsicles for Preemies will be on sale at recess on Thursday, April 21st. Popsicles will cost $1, and all funds will be donated to this amazing cause.


3. Popcorn for Preemies will be on sale at recess on Friday, May 6th. Popcorn will cost $1, and all funds will be donated to help babies!

4. Bobcats for Babies Hall of Fame – Your child will have the opportunity to be a member of and have their names and/or family members’ names displayed on our Hall of Fame. Membership will cost $1 and their names will be written on mini March of Dimes signs and hung in our school for all to see. Your child will also receive a special sticker to wear to show membership.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your openness to our efforts to support the March of Dimes and the research that it funds. Here at A.C. Moore, children are our top priority, and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to be a part of an organization that is making sure that they get the best of care and treatment from the very start. Please feel free to email me at or to call me at 343-2910 Ext. 29208 if you have any questions.


Elizabeth Balthazor

School Counselor

March of Dimes


Orientation for Parents of Rising Kindergarteners

Wednesday, April 27th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

There will be a presentation from the kindergarten teachers followed by time for questions about the upcoming year. We hope to see you there!


The South Carolina State Department of Education Climate Survey

March 31, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The South Carolina State Department of Education (SCDE) is utilizing a Climate Survey for accountability/report cards this year as in the past. The delivery model for the survey has changed. Students in grades three through twelve will take the survey, however, the SCDE is placing the survey in the Student Portal account of PowerSchool instead of using a link or paper copies.

Before spring break, your student will be asked to create a Student Portal account for PowerSchool (if they don’t already have one) to access the survey when it becomes available. If they already have an account we will make sure they still have access. If they do not have an account, a sheet will be provided them so they can create an account. All students in grades three through twelve will be assisted by their schools, if needed, to create these accounts.

Parents will be receiving a Climate Survey through Parent Portal as well. If you do not currently have a Parent Portal account, please contact your student’s school and they will be able to assist you with setting up an account.

The Climate Survey will be available beginning April 4, 2022 and will close on May 27, 2022.

Scholastics Book Fair

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Attention Parents of Rising 6th Graders

Hand Middle School will host Thrive with the Hive, a free community, and family engagement event on Saturday, April 23, 2022, from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The purpose of the event is to build relationships as we actively engage the community and our families.

Faculty, staff, students, parents, guardians, rising 6th Grade families, and our surrounding community are encouraged to attend.

Thank you,

Patrice T. Green, EdD


Hand Middle School

2600 Wheat Street

Columbia, SC 29205

(803) 343-2947 - Main number

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Absence Form

Click the banner above to report an absence for your student

Breakfast in the Cafeteria

If your student(s) will be eating breakfast at school, please be sure to have your Bobcat(s) arrive to campus with enough time to enter the cafeteria and complete their meal before 7:30.

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-----------School News-----------

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Richland One is proud to be a Purple Star School District, a designation that reflects our commitment to have programs and resources in place to support military families.

Military families move an average of every two to three years. Some moves are state to state, while others are overseas. For military children, those relocations mean changes in their schools, teachers, friends, routines and activities.

April is the Month of the Military Child and today (Friday, April 22) was Purple Up! for Military Kids Day in Richland One. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) communities observe Purple Up! Day to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices. Purple indicates that all branches of the military are supported.

Let’s continue to embrace and support our military families.


Craig Witherspoon, Ed.D.


Happy Earth Day!


Today, April 22, 2022, is Earth Day, a time set aside to celebrate the Earth, learn about the environment, and promote conservation.

The theme for this year’s event is “Invest in Our Planet.”

You can go here to learn more about Earth Day events near you.

Here’s some more info on Earth Day:

  • Earth Day was first recognized worldwide in 1990.
  • In 2009, Earth Day was officially renamed by the UN to International Mother Earth Day.
  • On Earth Day 2012, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.
  • Organizers hope to plant 7.8 billion trees during this year’s Earth Day activities.
  • Earth Day has its own flag. It features a picture of the Earth taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft on its way to the Moon.

A Bobcat Thank You To....


The Pantasia Steel Band was formed in 1994 by three musicians with a love for steel drums,

​a passion for performing, and a desire to provide quality, professional entertainment. More than 25 years later, that has hasn't changed.

Pantasia has performed for thousands of events, focusing on those held in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia with an occasional trek to neighboring portions of Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. Although they have limited their focus to a tri-state area, the types of events they perform for are limitless. They most commonly perform at wedding ceremonies trade shows, corporate events, festivals, and the like, they also play for schools in the surrounding areas. Through an Arts in Basic Curriculum Grant written by A.C. Moore art teacher, Mr. Clamp, Pantasia mad a visit to A.C. Moore on Thursday, April 20th.

In addition to listening to wonderful musical selections, the students were taught the origin of the steel drums and learned about the cultural and traditions surrounding the use of the instuments used during the performance. A special thank you to Pantasia for visiting our school and to Mr. Clamp for his efforts in completing the grant that made the event possible.

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Teaching Kids About Autism

Autism Acceptance Month, previously named Autism Awareness Month, in April aims to celebrate and promote acceptance for the condition that occurs in one in every 54 children as of 2020 in the United States. Autism, a complex developmental condition affecting the patient’s ability to interact, communicate, and progress, has not one but many subtypes. First held in the year 1972 by the Autism Society, Autism Acceptance Month emphasizes the need for public awareness to promote acceptance, celebrate the differences, and be more inclusive towards autistic individuals around us.

Discussing autism and other mental or physical disorders with your children can be a tricky and confusing place if you aren’t sure how to start the conversation. Click here for a few conversation starters that will make autism more understandable for your child. Additional information is also available from the video below.

Fast Facts About Autism For Kids (World Autism Awareness Day)

--Parent and Family Engagement Opportunities--

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Parent Leadership Partners Program

Carolina Family Engagement Center Training Opportunity

The Carolina Family Engagement Center (CFEC), housed in the SC School Improvement Council (SC-SIC), has a professional development opportunities to share!

Parent Leadership Partners (PLP) program Train the Trainer

CFEC has had a lot of success with its PLP program and many school districts have inquired about the possibility of running similar programs in their districts. Due to this interest, CFEC has developed a virtual Train the Trainer program so that South Carolina school/district administrators, community members, parents, and/or teachers interested in learning how to facilitate a PLP program can do so! For more information see the flyer attached. To register for this summer session, click HERE.

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THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the Kinsa FLUency program. I have now distributed free Smart thermometers to nearly 150 A.C. Moore students and staff. Please download the Kinsa app and activate your new thermometer as soon as possible. See the flyer below for easy instructions and, as always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. The last ordering window for this school year closes on April 3. Let me know if you would still like to participate!

Jennifer Robinson, School Nurse


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Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is available for children 5+

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is now available for children age 5 and older! To schedule an appointment for your child to receive the vaccine, please visit the DHEC Vaccine Locator site or call your healthcare provider.

----------WELLNESS WATCH----------

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Fostering Belonging with Military Families

AHG worked with Blue Star Families to bring awareness to the experiences of military children & the value they bring to classes & communities. AHG collaborated on a new Nature BINGO game as a way to connect military families & the community.

-------------PTO News-------------

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Parents, please click on the banner below to sign up to provide items for the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast dates throughout the year.

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Take A Look at Your Bobcats...

Engaged in Learning!

Overdue Library Books

Dear Parents/Guardians:

There are still quite a few books out from last school year and the 2019-2020 school year. I know these were very exceptional years, but please make every effort to locate and return those books to the library as soon as possible. Thank you for you help in maintaining our library collection of books!

Jessica Warren, Librarian

Water Stations

Please be informed that bottled water will no longer be available to students during the day. Our school is now equipped with water bottle refilling stations! Your student should pack a reusable water bottle daily for use at the refilling stations around the building.

Carline procedures

In an effort to maintain a safe arrival/dismissal and decrease the wait time for car riders, we would like to issue the following reminders:


  • Please be courteous to the other parents in the carline...remain in your vehicle to allow for a more efficient arrival procedure.
  • Pull as far forward as possible before allowing your student to exit the vehicle.
  • Have students prepared to exit the vehicle with masks on and bookbags ready prior to entering the drop-off area.
  • Students should exit the vehicle from the passenger side, along the sidewalk.
  • Students should walk along the sidewalk to the gate at the end of the sidewalk.
  • Students should not be allowed to exit the vehicle in between the parked cars.


  • Please be sure your child knows his/her car number.
  • Hang your car tag from your rearview mirror and be sure it is visible to the staff member on duty.
  • Please be courteous to the other parents in the carline...remain in your vehicle to allow for a more efficient dismissal procedure.
  • Pull forward as much as possible before allowing your student to enter the vehicle
  • If your student needs assistance with buckling into a seat or seatbelt, please move forward to the end of the carline before assisting your child.

Attention: YMCA Families

Good Afternoon AC Moore YMCA Families,

I hope this note finds you all well and you’ve had a great week.

I just wanted to pass along a quick note about YMCA pick-up on a weekly basis Tuesdays-Thursdays. When arriving to the school to pick up your child or children from the YMCA program can you all please park on the side of the road instead of the bus loop? There is after school tutoring (CRP) going on during these days and by parking in the bus loops it prohibits the busses from getting in the bus loop.

Thank you so much for your understanding and please let me know if you have any questions.


Matthew Taranto

Program Director

YMCA of Columbia

1447 Hampton Street

Columbia SC, 29201

(w) 803 799 9187; © 772 480 3942

------------DISTRICT NEWS------------

The Richland One Board of School Commissioners Approves 2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Richland One Parents,

The Richland One Board of School Commissioners approved the district’s 2022-2023 academic calendar at last night's board meeting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 will be the first day of school for Richland One students. The last day of school will be Friday, May 26, 2023, which will be an early release day for students.

Other key dates include:

  • Thanksgiving Break – November 23-25, 2022
  • Winter Break – December 21-30, 2022
  • Spring Break – April 10-14, 2023

Draft Calendar B, which was the calendar that was approved by the Board, was the one that was preferred based on feedback obtained through the online survey of students, parents and staff. The Board gave its initial approval of the 2022-2023 calendar at the March 8 board meeting. The 2022-2023 calendar is posted on the district’s website (; click on the District Calendars link under Site Shortcuts.

Karen E. York

Executive Director of Communications

Richland County School District One

Masks Are Optional for Richland One Students and Staff

Superintendent's Book Club

We are so excited to participate in this year’s Superintendent's Book Club. Students in grades prekindergarten – eighth who either read 100 picture books or ten chapter books between March 2 and May 6 will become members of the club. New book club members will receive prizes and an invitation to a reading celebration.

As a school, we will also be awarding prizes to the top two readers in both PreK-2nd Grade and 3rd-4th Grade each month. Make sure your child is logging all the great books they are reading at home on their reading log. Please also note, that books read aloud to them count as well.

Happy Reading!

Register for the 2022-2023 Pre-K Program Now!

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Free COVID-19 Test Kits

If you have not placed your order for 4 free rapid COVID-19 test kits through the government at the following website, please do so today! Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days.


Click the banner above for the most recent COVID-19 cases and quarantines in the district. The COVID-19 tracker is updated by 4 pm each evening.

21-22 COVID-19 Mitigation & Safety Protocols

Click the banner above to view the COVID-19 Mitigation and Safety Protocols (revised 3-11-2022).

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Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed

Attendance...What You Need to Know

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ThriveRichland Spark Time (Virtual ) Play Group

Richland School District One Student Technology Replacement Fees

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

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-Neighborhood News & Community Connections-

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Big picture Offers Free, Real-time Tutoring for All South Carolina Residents

The South Carolina Department of Education and the South Carolina State Library (SCSL) have partnered with to address the continuing academic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnership will span the next three years and is funded through the American Rescue Plan's Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER).

  • is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for English and Spanish speakers.
  • Connect with a tutor on various subjects, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, world languages, computer literacy, and AP courses.
  • offers test prep assistance, skills coaching, and help with specific math and essay-writing questions.
  • Unlock even more features with a account. Creating a account is optional and not required to connect with a tutor.

Visit to get started. If you don't know the Discus login information, contact

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Free Tuition for Technical Colleges in South Carolina

Good afternoon,

Below are links about a recent educational opportunity in South Carolina that may be beneficial for high school students within the district and/or parents/caregivers within your school communities interested in continuing their education. This initiative, SC Workforce Scholarships for the Future, has been designated $17 million in GEER funding for the Spring semesters. The governor is asking Congress for an additional $24 million from the American Rescue Act funds to extend the program through June 2024.

This initiative allows any adult in South Carolina the opportunity to attend one of sixteen technical colleges for free if they choose to major in a high-demand career preparation program including: construction, nursing, manufacturing, technology, hospitality/tourism, and early care and education.

Links with more information:

· South Carolina technical colleges free tuition: how it'll work |

· McMaster: Pandemic cash for free 2-year degrees (

Hope this helps!

Laurann Gallitto Patel, MMFT

Lead Regional Family Engagement Liaison

Midlands Region


Carolina Family Engagement Center

College of Education

University of South Carolina

820 Main Street

Columbia, SC 29208

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UofSC String Project Information

The University of South Carolina String Project directed by Dr. Gail V. Barnes is the model for university string programs across the country. This nationally recognized program caters to children 3rd-5th grade & adults. Click above for more info.

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DHEC - Richland County Health Department

Dates and Times

Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30

Further Information

  • Self-Administered COVID-19 PCR Test Kits are also available
  • Call ahead for availability

Appointment Needed: No

Referral Needed: No

Pediatric Testing Available: Yes

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