SCUBA Safety

Nikki Josey

SCUBA Diver Info

There are some key points to remember when diving:

*Don't dive alone.

*Don't hold your breath.

*Don't ascend faster than your smallest exhaled bubbles.

*Don't stay down too long.

*Don't dive too deep.

*Don't dive with malfunctioning equipment.

*Don't destroy the environment.

*Don't plan a decompression dive as a recreational scuba diver.

*Don't go in an overhead environment.

*Don't dive beyond your training.

*Don't forget your safety stop.

*Don't forget to log your dives.

Dive Information for the Aspiring Diver

First Thing's First

For someone wanting to pick up the sport of SCUBA diving, there are a few things that need to be completed before you can start your descend into the ocean.

The first thing that is needed is for you to learn the basics of SCUBA diving, such as what you do when you go scuba diving. The next thing needed to be done is you should take a scuba diving resort course. These courses allow you to learn the basic fundamentals of diving and lets you go on a dive. The third thing you should do is get certified in SCUBA diving. Another major thing you should find out is how much everything is going to cost you.