Tweeting in Class

My Scholars are tweeting in our English Classes.

Twitter is a powerful teaching tool

Ever since I first began to use Twitter for myself, I have been thinking about how to harness the potential of microblogging for the benefits of my own students. Years ago, I created 2 more Twitter accounts for my classroom. @TweetsFromMsB allows me to send out messages for my students and @MsBsScholars allows me to host student generated tweets for students who had no digital presence.

Because I truly believe in the power of a Tweet, I have maintained my 2 accounts for my students even though I did not have much of a student following. I am 'connected' and see the importance of modeling ways to utilize and integrate technology in my classes so I have been tweeting for other teachers and the occasional student. Until today.....

Today, I offered extra credit for Tweets

Their initial assignment was to create PaperTweets

I wanted them to summarize the action in either Beowulf and Jane Eyre in 50 tweets. There was confusion because "I don't tweet" or "we can't tweet in class" so I had to let them know that I wanted them to tweet on paper. I required them to provide me with 50 tweets on paper but I also realllly wanted them to post tweets online. I offered extra credit to those willing to use their Twitter accounts and post out updates and I created a Google Form that allowed my non-Twitter students to submit 25 tweets. I wanted to copy and paste the best updates to my student account.

I gave them examples

I knew that it was important to show them what I expected, so I tweeted out some examples for them to follow.
Click here for more Tweets from Sounisa

She Tweeted about the action in Beowulf and she did a great job using hashtags to show stream of consciousness and action.